I love my friends. They inspire me daily. Recently with the giving challenge I’ve been hearing from new and old friends alike – all offering something. Today I get to share one of those gifts.  My friend Matt Tauber reached out to me and sent me this heartfelt email.

Hey there my friend. It’s truly amazing what you are doing. If you see value in it I would love to donate to the cause. Here are two different programs that you can give away if you so choose.

1. 24 free one on one personal training sessions to be done this fall/winter. Ideally I would love to see this go to a kid (age 12 and up ) who has been battling a weight issue. I see this as a great opportunity to help jump start them into fitness and living a positive healthy lifestyle. I see far too many overweight kids who as a result have poor self esteem, etc.
We would include a complimentary fitness assessment as well.

2. I would also like to offer 8 free weeks (the entire length of our summer athletic development camp) to any deserving teen looking to “elevate their game”. I would like to see this go to a high school athlete who otherwise could not afford this summer program. The athlete can be male or female.

I am happy to discuss further if you would like and feel free to reword any of the above as you see fit.

Look forward to hearing from you.



Feeling a bit overwhelmed by his generosity I asked Matt which of the two programs he would like me to offer as my gift.  This is how he responded:

Give both…… Changing two lives is better than just changing one.
Wow. Matt Tauber, you’re an amazing dude.  Folks – please email me if you or someone you know is interested in receiving this gift from Matt at Go2Lift.  Learn more about Matt and his business by following this link  Www.go2lift.com

To learn more about why I’m giving a gift every day for 69 days, please read this If you have any ideas where I can give, what I can give, or how I can go about giving please either email me at chrisdessi@silverbacksocial.com, text or call 646 645 4171, comment  below or find me on Twitter @chrisdessi

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