Something really cool has happened this time around with my giving challenge.  Friends and family are reaching out with their own stories, or stories of their friends and family. I love this.  It tells me that we’re creating a bigger ripple of impact than previously thought.

A few days ago Eve Paletta-Weaver (I was in school with Eve’s older sister Laura) reached out to me.  She told me a heartbreaking story about her dear friend and neighbor Cathy.  Apparently Cathy is dealing with some serious hardships and Eve wanted my advice on how to help. I listened to her story, which you can read more about below.  After hearing her story I recommended that Eve create a account on behalf of her friend which she did.  My gift is three-fold.

1. Helping Eve create the fundraising site

2. Telling all of you about Eve’s deserving friend Cathy.

3. Donating a few of my own dollars to help Cathy through a very difficult patch in her life.

Eve’s description of why her friend needs your help is as follows:

Cathy is a perfect friend who needs our support. In 6 months she went from newlywed to mom to widow.

Read below to learn more and to donate.  Happy giving!

To learn more about why I’m giving a gift every day for 69 days, please read this If you have any ideas where I can give, what I can give, or how I can go about giving please either email me at, text or call 646 645 4171, comment  below or find me on Twitter @chrisdessi

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