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10 Habits That Will Radically Improve Your Life (Today)

Platitudes won’t help you. I know, I’ve tried to implement them all. They’re frustrating.

Go for it! Live for today! Stay motivated!

No kidding.

I’m more interested in how we can radically improve our lives. How can we stay truly motivated? How can we maintain hyper-efficiencies? How can we stay happy at work? How can we find true fulfillment by cultivating the most attractive aspects of our personalities?

13 Things Really Successful People Do (Every Day)

I’ve spent the past two years speaking to the most insanely successful people I know. I didn’t just speak to them. I grilled them about their habits. I asked them about what has made them so successful. I turned those interviews into a book.

Here are thirteen things I learned by writing my book that insanely successful people do every single day.

6 Books to Change Your Life for the Better

Reading will set you free. Reading will challenge your intellect. Reading will inspire you, stimulate you and keep you growing. Reading can be the secret to your success, and the wise north star guiding you to fulfillment and peace.

So how about it? Here are six books to change your life for the better:

How To Produce Stunning Change in Your Life Today

We all want positive change in our lives. We seek to succeed, and to break free from the doldrums of the everyday rat race.

We also know that motivation can be fleeting. So how can we buckle down and shock ourselves into the change we need?

I’m going to share seven ways to produce stunning change in your life immediately.

TEDx Tarrytown Chris Dessi Transcript

It is early September of 2011. My wife and I are in our living room watching television, when suddenly we hear 3 horrifying guttural cries coming from our daughter’s room upstairs.

We immediately ran up the steps, threw open the door to our daughter’s room and found our 8-month-old daughter Olivia in the throws of a seizure.