What No One Tells You About Being an Entrepreneur

What No One Tells You About Being an Entrepreneur

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 5 years. After being an entrepreneur for 2 years, I was broke. I had spent those first 2 years as an entrepreneur making less money than I had made when I was in my first job out of graduate school. Much less.

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5 Simple Things You Need To Be Happy

Shawn’s team at his company GoodThink, Inc. have ensured that positive psychology no longer lives in the gray area of qualitative assumptions. They are creating a bedrock foundation of data that proves how we can become happier. And the quantitative results are profound.

Shawn told me “the truth that science is revealing is that small positive changes can change the trajectory of our life.”

Here are five small changes you can make to be happier. And they’re all free:

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Why You Need to Embrace ‘The Suck’ in 2017

The military has a way of boiling everything down to its most eloquent and basic foundation. They teach newcomers to embrace, what they refer to as “the Suck.”

It’s that threshold where your body breaks down, and your mind takes over. If you’re weak-minded and ready to quit, your body will follow suit. If you’re expecting “the suck.” Then you welcome it. You embrace it. You won’t succumb to it, and you push yourself through it.

Here are 5 steps for embracing “the suck.”

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7 Ways To Create A Blockbuster Year

I have no science to back my claims. No team of researchers trying to crack the code of why you keep getting in your own way. I only have my experiences, observations, and personal results to help you.

Here are 7 ways to finally create your breakout year


How the Most Self-Disciplined People Create Remarkable Results

You’re disciplined. I get it. You focus on keeping yourself motivated. You stay healthy. You even seek new ways to be successful in your career.

Self-discipline is a cornerstone of your life. Mine too. Also like you, I want to get better at it. So recently I decided to consult the most disciplined person I know:

Jason Van Camp is the founder and chairman of Mission 6 Zero. The company specializes in performance enhancement. Jason is also a West Point graduate, a Green Beret, and a great human being.

I recently connected with Jason to learn secrets to self-discipline. He shared seven daily habits that keep this Green Beret sharp, in tune, and over-performing on a consistent basis.

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20 Insanely Weird and Unique Gifts From Killer Startups

When I was younger I was obsessed with companies like Sharper Image. I would peruse the isles to discover new and compelling products to buy for friends and family.

While discussing this obsession with a friend recently, I decided I’d seek out and share a new generation of interesting products with you here.

So here it goes. Here are 20 insanely weird and unique gifts/products from killer start-ups.

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How to Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

I’ve been an entrepreneur for seven years. Midway through the fourth year, things were coming to a head. I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I wasn’t exercising, and I wasn’t keeping my mind clear with meditation.

In the middle of what felt like my most stressful month of my life, my most senior employee resigned. While I was complaining about the debacle to an entrepreneur friend, he called me out: “Get comfortable with the feeling that you have right now.”

Confused, I asked, “What feeling?” He replied, “Feeling uncomfortable. Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable.”

He stopped me in my tracks. He was right. We all need to get more comfortable with being uncomfortable. We’re soft!

Here are 7 ways to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, according to one of the toughest and most resilient people I know, Green Beret Jason Van Camp.

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How To Always Be The Best Version Of You

Motivation can be a fickle concept. We’re all go-getters at some point. We’re also all slackers at other times. Admit it…

When we’re confronted with unrealistic demands, how will we react? Can we sustain optimal performance? Sometimes, yes. Mostly, nope.

If you’re reading this, you should have a general understanding of how to do well at work. What I’m more interested in, and what I think will help you more, is reaching excellence in life.

How can we create a life where excellence becomes our default? And is it even possible?

I’m going to share six ways to be the best version of you.

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Why You Need To Know The Answer To This One Question If You Want To Be Successful

Last week I sat down with former Green Beret, and NFL player Nate Boyer. We were on the phone to talk about his involvement in Mission6Zero, as well as his important work with not for profits. I was very curious about how a guy like Nate had accomplished so much in such a short period of time.

We spent a great deal of time discussing his unique approach to networking. More on that in a minute

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Grit Alone Is Useless Without This 1 Remarkable Thing

How can we define a path to freedom, success and fulfillment? What is the true secret to success? Why do we find ourselves working so hard, yet feeling so unfulfilled?

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10 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself (Every. Single. Day)

There are myriad psychology models and theories on what motivates us to do the things we do: how we respond to incentives, achievement theories, and so on.

I look at motivation as excitement. So how can you remain motivated in a simple way that works every single day? Here are 10 ways.

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5 Steps to Recover from Getting Fired

ome with me to the office of a scrappy social media start-up in a run-down building on the upper west side of New York City in July of 2009.

You open the door and see four executives speaking to each other. Actually you only see three of the executives speaking. The fourth, silent executive is avoiding conflict. That executive is staring blankly back at the three doing the talking.

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How A Salesman Turned A Side Hustle Into a Multimillion-Dollar Business

If you were perusing Matt Masiello’s LinkedIn profile, nothing would strike you as out of the ordinary. Matt appears to be an average sales guy at an average company. Start to peel back the onion, though, and you’ll see there is nothing average about Matt.

He’s excelled at every step in his sales career at Cintas for the past nine years. But many have done so before him. What makes Matt so unique is that while at Cintas, he also launched a thriving multimillion-dollar side business.

I’m going to share the five steps that Matt took to build his dream business so that you can too:

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10 Steps To Produce Stunning Results In Your Life (According To Nate Boyer, Former Green Beret & NFL Player)

We all know people who produce results that seem otherworldly. People, who can cut through the cacophony of life, put their finger on a pulse, harness it’s energy and manifest things. Big, audacious things that many people only dream about.

They bound through life with a thirsty ferocity. Nate Boyer is one of those people. He’s a former Green Beret, and NFL player.

Either one of these things on their own are impressive. Together, he seems transcendent. Nate is the fraction of a percent of the elite one percent. The best of the best. Twice.

He’s also the guy who you may have spotted standing on the sidelines with Colin Kaepernick. I had a chance to speak with Nate about how he produces stunning results in his life.

Here are ten ways Nate Boyer, Former Green Beret and NFL Long Snapper gets things done.

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10 Habits That Will Radically Improve Your Life (Today)

Platitudes won’t help you. I know, I’ve tried to implement them all. They’re frustrating.

Go for it! Live for today! Stay motivated!

No kidding.

I’m more interested in how we can radically improve our lives. How can we stay truly motivated? How can we maintain hyper-efficiencies? How can we stay happy at work? How can we find true fulfillment by cultivating the most attractive aspects of our personalities?

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13 Things Really Successful People Do (Every Day)

I’ve spent the past two years speaking to the most insanely successful people I know. I didn’t just speak to them. I grilled them about their habits. I asked them about what has made them so successful. I turned those interviews into a book.

Here are thirteen things I learned by writing my book that insanely successful people do every single day.

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6 Books to Change Your Life for the Better

Reading will set you free. Reading will challenge your intellect. Reading will inspire you, stimulate you and keep you growing. Reading can be the secret to your success, and the wise north star guiding you to fulfillment and peace.

So how about it? Here are six books to change your life for the better:

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How To Produce Stunning Change in Your Life Today

We all want positive change in our lives. We seek to succeed, and to break free from the doldrums of the everyday rat race.

We also know that motivation can be fleeting. So how can we buckle down and shock ourselves into the change we need?

I’m going to share seven ways to produce stunning change in your life immediately.

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TEDx Tarrytown Chris Dessi Transcript

It is early September of 2011. My wife and I are in our living room watching television, when suddenly we hear 3 horrifying guttural cries coming from our daughter’s room upstairs.

We immediately ran up the steps, threw open the door to our daughter’s room and found our 8-month-old daughter Olivia in the throws of a seizure.