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John Hall

John Hall is one of the most powerful people in media who you’ve never met. He’s the master mind behind Influence and Co. Forbes recently listed them as one of “America’s Most Promising Companies.” If you want to be a thought leader, John is the gatekeeper. When meeting John in person you’d never know the power this one man can wield. He’s filled with humility, and charming reverence. Get him on a stage, and he will rock you to the core. John and his team are at the tip of the “thought leader” wave. Surfing the edge where the wave of new and compelling is breaking. Crashing down on old, and dusty John’s team are trailblazers.

Tim Flannery

Tim Flannery

The guy is an intellectual powerhouse, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Loyola University Maryland. I’m proud to call the guy a friend, and I’m enjoying watching his star rise. He arguably has the best answer to my “how do you define success” question of any interviewee.

ToddMarks (1)

Todd Marks

Todd is a confident guy. He’s continued to be confident throughout his career. He’s built one of the most successful companies in Maryland. Which is why I thought he’s be a perfect candidate to profile in these success interviews.

Please welcome, Todd “Doc” Marks.

Tami Canizzaro Chris Dessi blog

Tami Canizzaro

Tami Canizzaro is a unique executive. Dynamic and inspiring on one hand. Down to earth, and practical on the other. I’ve been fortunate to get to know Tami over the past 2 years. She spoke at my event the Westchester Digital Summit and has since become a friend. She has climbed the ranks of corporate American while maintaining a family, and strong sense of who she is. I find her inspiring


The Most Powerful Secret to Being More Efficient When Blogging

I use their CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to ensure every headline on my blog is compelling. I use their WordPress plugin on this blog. CoSchedule has a Drag-And-Drop Marketing Calendar. It’s so beautiful and simple.


Top 10 Book Recommendations

I’m a voracious reader. I’m also an entrepreneur. These books have recently helped me with everything I do. I hope they can help you too.

Chris Dessi Blog

4 Simple Ways to Make Your Blog Amazing

My full name is Christopher Guy Dessi. I love 80’s hair bands, the movie Goodfellas, brunettes, and black Lamborghini’s. I hate when people shush me, glitter, pleated pants, and math. When I was in fifth grade I passed a note to Danielle Bennett and asked her to meet me behind Lakeview Elementary so I could kiss her. She responded with an enthusiastic – “That’s gross.” Why am I telling you all this? Because building your personal brand is all about getting personal. Offering some insight into your personal life is essential for success in building a rock solid personal brand.

Russ Adler

Russell Adler

There are many attorneys out there. Russ isn’t like any of them. That’s mostly why he’s my attorney. He’s the high hat of the beat. The bass player in the band. The dude that’s a little quirky, and always intriguing. I think these differences are why I’m drawn to Russ. They’re the reason why he has become more of a “consigliere” to me than hired gun. He’s the real deal. Genuine, grounded and a new kind of attorney with a new kind of approach to success that I thought worth sharing. I think you’ll agree.

raymond sanseverino

Raymond A. Sanseverino

Today I have a special treat for you. Ray has been gracious with his time, his answers, and his life story. Ray inspires me. I’m sure he’ll do the same for you. Enjoy.

Dennis SImmons

Dennis Simmons

This dude is fascinating. His life and the way he lives his life has inspired me. The way he shares his success and supports those that he loves is exemplary. He’s just one of those guys. I love him. You’re gonna love him too. Wait until you read about Dennis’s Grandson Reese. Read on, and enjoy.


Sheila Haile

Chris Dessi: You’ve had a storied career, winning all sorts of accolades. 2012 Most Influential Women in Optical – too many MarComm awards to list. When did you first consider yourself a success?

Sheila Haile: That thought does not even cross my mind. I don’t believe you are a success until there is nothing left to do. And there is so much more I want to do…in all phases of my life. I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished the big one yet.

John Dokes Chris Dessi Blog

John Dokes

For John Dokes, CMO of AccuWeather it’s all three. Talent, smarts and good looks come naturally to John. I hate guys like that. But I just can’s find it in me to hate John. But sometimes I can get irked. A few weeks ago my wife and I had just finished listening to the “John Dokes Quintet” at a Jazz club called Kitano, and I was angry. I approached John after his set and berated him.

Chris Dessi Blog

The One Surprising Time It’s Acceptable to be Naked at Work

So I was in this, co-working law firm-ish looking office’s conference room. I was starting to feel self conscious. Did I mention I was naked? Well, not totally naked. Pretty close. I had on boxers. But that’s not why I was feeling self conscious. What made me self conscious was the fact that I was in the conference room with 50 year old-ish Hasidic Jewish Father of 6 children.

Chris Dessi

The Most Powerful Thing I’ve Ever Learned

I’m letting go today. I have nobody to impress. My Dad already dug me pretty well, and I never needed to show him the splashy stuff. My whole life, if I was in pain, all he ever wanted me to do was to put my head on his chest, and let it out.

Chris Dessi Success

You Need to Know These 9 Absolutely Awesome Things That Attract Wealth

I’ve been interviewing the most successful people I know. I’m also pulling together their wisdom, and including it all in my next book. Stay tuned.

Here are 9 Powerful lessons they’ve taught me.

Chris Dessi on CNN

Powerful Reasons Why Wall Street Got it Wrong with Twitter

Two weeks ago I went on CNN to discuss my views on Twitter and Facebook’s earnings. I explained that my agency only publishes social content on platforms that work for our clients. Right now the holy trinity is Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. If wall street analysts are watching the car race from home (viewing who is in the lead, and seeing the crowd’s reaction) – than we’re driving the car with our clients riding shot gun. We feel the bumps on the road, see the potholes ahead and can hear the dings in the engine.

Chris Dessi

I’m Addicted To Crossfit – Here’s What You Need To Know

I crave it. No judgement. Full support. No business. No family. No spouses. Just blood sweat and tears for one hour. I’d argue it’s meditative. All the commotion of our lives blocked out. All the responsibilities are gone. All the focus is on our form, execution and effort. We don’t think about the presentation tomorrow. Or taking the kids to the doctor appointment, or the nagging client.

Jim Treacy

The Ultimate Guide to Success, Survival & Redemption from the Former President COO of Monster Worldwide

The Ultimate Guide to Success, Survival & Redemption from the Former President COO of Monster Worldwide