How to get from ordinary to remarkable

You have no interest in platitudes or fast track schemes. You work hard to get where you want to go. You lay a foundation of habits that support your biological system.

That foundation supports your intellectual system. When you feed that intellectual system it craves more. When that system craves more, it sparks creativity. That creativity feeds your spiritual system.

But you can only march in the direction you point.

You can point toward ordinary.

  • You can stay up late
  • You can choose to not read.
  • You can ignore podcasts that inspire
  • You can scoff at intellectuals who challenge

Or, you can point toward remarkable.

  • You can give your body the gift of rest & your mind the gift of meditation
  • You can read voraciously
  • You can devour podcasts and accept inspiration into your life
  • You can put aside your preconceived notions and take a deep dive and learn. Learn from the core of your being so that it stays with you. So that it’s tattooed on your soul.

Like pumping the water from a dry well, we will pull the water up one painful pump at a time, together until it’s flowing. From that flowing water, we can then quench your thirst to impact positive change in your life. Then positively impact others.

This is all exceptionally difficult. This is also how you become remarkable.

I seek more. More inspiration. More people who are ravenous about personal growth. Those people remind me, I can be remarkable.

I’m here to remind you, that you’re remarkable.

Join me.

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