Monday, December 4, 2023



In my book Remarkable You: Build a Personal Brand and Take Control of Your Career  I write about most of the secrets to my success. I’ve created this page as a living breathing repository. I’m always seeking tools to help amplify my message, improve my content, and allow me to reach the broadest audience as efficiently as possible.  I have an affiliate relationship with some of these companies and will receive compensation for my referrals.  I also use all of them, and wouldn’t recommend them to you if that weren’t true. I suggest you research for yourself as well before spending any money. What works for me, may not work for you.

This APP will make you a better writer. I use it on my blog, and for my column in Inc Magazine. Hemingway App

Co-Schedule is the only scheduling tool I use.
CoSchedule Chris Dessi

Headlines are so very important.  Nobody will read your awesome content if you don’t have an awesome headline. I use Co-Schedules Headline Analyzer.  It’s a simple algorithm that helps you write the most powerful headlines. Try it out, it’s fun!

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I hired the team at Book in a Box to write my book Remarkable You.  It took 5 months and only 12 hours of my time. If you have dreams of creating a book, defining your legacy, and adding an exclamation point to your personal brand, you must use Book in a Box.  If you mention my name when you speak with them, you’ll get $500 off.

Book in a Box