Yesterday I walked onto the set at Fox, logged into my Twitter account, and launched the hottest new APP launch since Twitter. It’s called Meerkat. It’s a pretty simple concept: Log into Meerkat via your Twitter account and stream live video to your followers.But, simple is hard. Simple is game-changing.

Twitter is simple. Twitter changed the global media landscape the moment a planelanded in the hudson. Imagine now if that drama were to unfold via a citizen journalist in real time, live – via video to the world.

I didn’t broadcast any breaking news. Instead I took viewers along for a ride that I’m lucky enough to take, but not many have experienced. Down the hallowed halls at Fox. Viewing the “wall of fame” where celebrities sign the wall of graffiti just outside the studio. Watching me get make-up. Seeing me meander around the studio while waiting in the wings. Then I walked up to the news-desk, and discussed Meerkat, all while streaming said chat live via Meerkat. Meta, I know.

It was fun, interactive and exhilerating. My Twitter friends were reacting in real time and sharing the experience with me.

Meerkat’s launch hasn’t been without the requisite startup drama. I can’t help but think about the guys at Pied Piper. Twitter bought Meerkat competitor Periscope. But nobody cares. Meerkat is already the breakout winner in live streaming video. They’ve won the hearts and minds of those at SXSW, and in Tech that’s half the battle. The concept of live streaming video isn’t new. That Meerkat can tap into your already engaged network via Twitter certainly is.

Meerkat launched search capabilities to make it easier to find friends via the APP. The Meerkat is out of the bag. The technology is cool. It’s compelling, and it’s the most excited I’ve been to talk tech in five years.

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I streamed my live TV appearance on Fox Television live via streaming video.

Today I’m taking meeting with clients. We’re set to discuss how we’re going to integrate Meerkat into our social media marketing plans. Tonight I’m speaking at anevent that (you guessed it) I’ll be live streaming via Meerkat. Mind blown.

Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride. 2015 is going to be fun.


Chris Dessi Fox Business

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