Emma McCabe, claims she’s fallen in love with a tree.  Oh boy.  The woman who’s been unlucky in love has stated the being with the tree, who she’s named Tim – is the “best sex ever.” I’m not here to comment on whether this woman is ill with dendrophilia (where a person is sexually attracted to a tree) or not. What I find intriguing is to see if this story may be a hoax. If so, why would this woman do something like that?

The story has gone viral.  Some people seem to believe this woman. I’m skeptical, but why would she do something like this?

Is this particular story a viral hoax?
I think this story in particular may in fact be true.  I don’t believe it to be a viral hoax, because there seems (on the surface) nothing for this woman to gain. In fact, it seems pretty damaging to her.
If you encounter a story like this on your own – how can you tell either way if it’s real or fake?  The tell-tale signs of a viral hoax.
Look at the source.  Is there a business behind the content? Sometimes it may not be immediately clear.  Run a Google search. This simple step will usually reveal a viral hoax. The viral nature of these hoaxes allow for crowd sourcing background of the story.  Most times you’ll hear of someone who’s skeptical.  Checking sites that focus on viral scams with either verify or debunk your suspicions.
Are viral hoaxes become more popular?  Why?  What is the point?
Viral hoaxes are popular.  People can get attention and money for their cause, or business.  Making bombastic claims online can be an effective way to get cheap and viral distribution of their propaganda. For as long as there are dishonest people who seek to make money, there will be the possibility of hoaxes online


Do you think this is a hoax? If so, how do you suppose Emma McCabe will benefit from a story like this? Are you in love with a tree, or know someone who suffers from dendrophilia? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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By Chris Dessi

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