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Work with Chris Dessi


Building my personal brand has helped me get on national television, build my multi-million dollar digital agency, catapult my best-selling self-published book, and launch my globally recognized events.

A new generation of executives is succeeding in astronomical fashion. They’re ditching traditional ways to self-promote. No resume, or Ivy League education needed. The global media spotlight is shining on them. They’re gaining attention and promoting their businesses to millions. Relying on a new strategy of personal brand building.

They’re reaching more people than ever. They’re opening doors, and exposing themselves to opportunities never before fathomed. The old playbook that included resumes and cover letters is out. Replaced by new digital tools that are testable, trackable, and scalable. These remarkable people believe that individuals should leverage digital tools to tell their story. Getting the attention they deserve. Generating revenues never before imagined.

If you’re an executive with an entrepreneurial mindset, I can help you shape your roadmap.

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