Silverback at Fortina

What a Year for Silverback Social


What a Year for the Silverback Social Team.

We curated our most viral post, seen by 17 million people.

We launched social media for a major Reality TV Celebrity, Vikki Ziegler.

We designed award winning custom social creative.

We made over 30 national television appearances.

We managed social for a Legendary Pictures Summer Blockbuster.

We conceived and hosted Twitter “takeovers” with Buffalo Bills Football players and Bluerock Energy.

We keynoted over 35 events.

We sold out the Westchester Digital Summit.

We launched the Baltimore Digital Summit.

We collected some Hardware. Our CMO, John Zanzarella was named a 914 Inc. Wunderkind.

We moved into amazing new office space.

And not to mention a whole lot of other fun work with our amazing friends, partners, and clients.

Thank you for making this a phenomenal 2014.

We wish you and yours a happy and healthy 2015!