Today’s gift is something that was very special for my wife. Laura is a schoolteacher in Brewster at CV Starr. One of the students in her school, Marilyn Ramirez a 3rd grader passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm. Her family was ill prepared to deal with some of the economic hardships that come with emergency medical expenses incurred, and Marilyn’s burial. Frankly just typing this makes me choke up at the thought of losing a child. Local residents in Brewster, and teachers organized a Fall Festival at the Crossroads Equestrian Center to help the family. They had face painting, hay rides, pony rides, crafts, the whole deal. It was a great day, for a great cause in honor of a great little girl for a great family. $40 was donated, and we had a blast. Rest in peace Marilyn.

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