Empowering Change Through Personal Development and Technological Innovation

AI and Personal Development Keynote Topics

Elevate your audience with Chris Dessi, an accomplished speaker, entrepreneur, and author of Amazon’s #1 Seller ChatGPT for Profit: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Leveraging AI in Business.

Dessi combines his rich experiences in personal development, leadership, and technological innovation to offer audiences a unique perspective on thriving in today’s fast-paced world.

Chris Dessi is renowned for his dynamic approach to inspiring change and innovation. With a focus on leveraging personal growth to embrace technological advances, Chris helps you:

Chris’s most recent book

Anticipate the Future with Confidence

  • Understand the intersection of personal development and technology to foresee industry trends.
  • Distinguish between fleeting fads and substantial shifts that redefine success.

Drive Personal and Organizational Transformation

  • Harness the power of AI and digital tools while cultivating a growth mindset to create unmatched value and competitive advantage.
  • Reimagine your professional landscape by integrating personal insights with strategic innovation.

Empower Individuals and Teams to Excel

  • Motivate your audience with actionable insights on navigating change with agility and optimism.
  • Unlock the collective potential of your team by fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptation.

Post-Event “Leadership Insights” Call Included With Every Keynote Chris Dessi personally ensures that his message resonates with your audience by offering tailored post-event consultations, amplifying the impact of his keynote.

Chris’s TEDx Talk

Whether it’s a virtual presentation for a global audience or an intimate in-person session, Chris adapts his delivery to meet your needs:

  • VIRTUAL KEYNOTE with interactive elements to engage participants
  • DIGITAL KEYNOTE utilizing cutting-edge presentation tools for a memorable experience

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Chris Dessi’s Signature Keynote Topics

Leveraging years of leadership, innovation, and personal growth, Chris Dessi presents:

  • Leadership in the AI Era: Strategies for integrating personal growth with technological advancement to lead with clarity and vision.
  • The Innovative Mindset: Cultivating resilience and creativity to thrive in a world of constant change.
  • From Vision to Reality: Utilizing the principles of personal development to harness technological trends for organizational growth.
  • Transforming Adversity into Opportunity: A personal journey of resilience, innovation, and success.
  • The Future of Personal Development in the Digital Age: How AI and digital tools reshape self-improvement and leadership.

Transform your event with Chris Dessi, a speaker who blends the art of personal development with the science of innovation for a truly transformative experience.

Virtual Keynote: The Power of AI in Revenue Operations Remote Keynote


Chris has captivated audiences worldwide, including over 1,000 energy sector sales leaders, with keynotes on social selling and the transformative impact of technology in the business landscape. With over a decade of experience as a sought-after television personality on social media and technology, Chris brings knowledge and insights. His published works span the topics of success, social media mastery, and personal branding, showcasing his comprehensive understanding of digital influence.

His journey began with a focus on the technological advancements shaping the corporate world, yet his core message has always been unwavering: the principles underlying success remain constant. Chris offers to craft tailored, impactful keynote presentations for your organization and host in-depth workshops, ranging from half-day to full-day sessions, suitable for executives across various industries.

Chris’s experience spans a remarkable spectrum, from advising giants like Legendary Pictures to supporting noble causes with organizations such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. A trailblazer in social media, he was instrumental in the early days of Vayner Media, facilitating its inception alongside Gary Vaynerchuk within the Buddy Media offices. This venture culminated in a lucrative sale to Salesforce. As an entrepreneur, Chris led his agency for eight years before a strategic sale to Performline, demonstrating his understanding in influencer marketing with partnerships involving names like Accuweather and the Brooklyn Nets.

His keynote address aboard the USS Intrepid (CV-11) to a distinguished audience, including a two-star General, and appearances on CNBC, CNN, and Fox Business during pivotal moments like presidential inaugurations underscore his versatility and capacity to engage and inspire diverse groups.

Engaging Chris ensures an experience that will motivate and energize your team, unlock your organization’s extraordinary potential, and propel you toward unparalleled success.

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