Testimonials for Chris Dessi

Dhiraj Dev Phukan

It was a pleasure to have Chris as the Keynote speaker at the Intrigue Digital Marketing Summit that we organized in NYC recently. He just stole the show. Delegates specially came to me to say that Chris’ Keynote was very powerful and that they won’t forget his speech in the near future. It was a keynote on day 1 that kept the audience enthusiastic for both the days of the event.

Dhiraj Dev PhukanCEO Salesgasm
Kirsten Agnello-Dean

Chris is an engaging, knowledgeable speaker who is super inspiring to talk to! And I’m not just saying this because I met him at a Vistage meeting in Chicago and he sung my work’s praises. He’s beyond knowledgeable about social media, marketing, networking, and just about everything even remotely related…the list goes on. If you can grab an hour of his time you’ll leave with days and months of project ideas and inspirations!

Kirsten Agnello-DeanSocial Media Manager | Creative Copywriter | Oxford Comma DefenderArtisan Talent
Jeff Lyon

Recently hired Chris to speak at our National Sales Meeting to discuss Social Media Marketing and he was Brilliant! We will be using Chris in the future to expand our marketing reach.

Jeff LyonEnergy Consultant - World Energy SolutionsWorld Energy
Jacqueline Merl Bamman, SPHR

Chris recently spoke at our national sales meeting and could not have been more captivating, energetic, approachable, and dynamic. Not only did we learn best practices in managing social media as individuals and as a corporation, but experienced how contagious high-energy, enthusiasm, and a love of what you do, can be. Chris was outstanding and demonstrated how passion and excitement, along with hard work are necessary for success. If you’re looking to motivate and energize your team, broaden your connections, and feel excited about doing it, I highly recommend inviting Chris to meet with your team. Thanks Chris!

Jacqueline Merl Bamman, SPHRVice President, Human Resources at Salus Capital Partners, LLCSalus Capital
Jeffrey Lenetsky, MBA, CEP

I recently had the chance to meet and hear Chris speak at a sales conference for World Energy. I feel very lucky that I was able to have had that opportunity. In life there are rare people who are not only subject matter experts, but are incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about the topic as well. Chris is all of this and a lot more. After the meeting, Chris spent time talking with each of person who had further questions and comments.I shared with him a story of my own regarding a similar personal item that he had which had a deep sentimental value to him. The excitement and brotherly like hug/embrace that followed, spoke volumes to the type of positive and endearing person Chris is. I highly recommend that everyone find an opportunity to hear Chris, listen to his story, learn from him and if you’re lucky, share a personal moment that you’ll remember as a positive reassurance that the world is full of great people.

Jeffrey Lenetsky, MBA, CEPSales Director at World EnergyWorld Energy
Tim Lockwood

Chris presented at our National Sales Meeting in August 2013 and did an outstanding job in every session. Chris is well versed in Social Media and is truly an expert in the field. I would highly recommend Chris for any speaking engagement or other program related to Social Media. He is down to earth and personable and I heard all positive feedback form the members of my team

Tim LockwoodPartner at Clear Advantage Energy ConsultingClear Advantage Energy Consulting
Mike Talbott

Chris Dessi was a featured speaker at the World Energy Solutions National Sales Meeting. Chris was extremely insightful, informative, relevant and funny. I found exceptional value in his message for my professional and personal life. Great Work Chris, keep it up!

Mike TalbottEnergy Consultant at World EnergyWorld Energy
Kathleen McCarthy

Christopher was hands down one of the best public speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. He was very personable, relatable, and funny. He kept the audience engaged at all times and his lecture was extremely interesting and informative! He is very knowledgable in social media and social networking. He really knew what he was talking about and explained it in a clear and understandable way. I would love to hear him speak again and definitely recommend working with him!

Kathleen McCarthyFull-Time StudentLoyola University Maryland
Wayne Bunce

Christopher gave us a detailed, professional orientation on how to integrate our current marketing efforts within the “Social Media” arena in efforts to improve our “Social Selling”. With his help, we have started using Social Media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc… to broaden our brand awareness. I highly recommend Christopher for any company that is looking for guidance in “Social Media” world

Wayne BunceNational Sales Manager at Jonard IndustriesJonard Industries
Rich Gerszberg

Christopher is very knowledgeable in Social media and has done an excellent job in helping my organization to start using social media as part of our marketing plan, If your organization is ready to start using Social Media Contact Chris.

Rich GerszbergCEO Jonard Industries
Jason C. Starzyk

Chris Dessi is a GENIUS!! I have had the opportunity to attend three of Chris’ presentations. Each time I learned something new. Learning the details of LinkedIn and Facebook for business were mind numbing. I was a sponge the whole time. It was amazing to see the value of social media in the sales world. Chris hit several key points about using social media efficiently and effectively. Thank you Chris Dessi for educating me in a world that I did not know existed, social media. The days of cold calling are dead. We can now think more creatively to prospect possible clients, outside of the box. Your methods blew me away. I applaud you as you are a mastermind of making social media work in the sales world. Thank you!!l

Jason C. StarzykConsultative Energy ProfessionalBluerock Energy
Wendy (Holser) DeFazio

I attended a Social Media seminar that Chris gave in NYC  at the Playroom Theatre in NYC. I really wasn’t sure what i was getting myself into but i needed to know how social media truly works and how it fully benefits people in business. His approach was like no other, he didn’t teach with tech terminology, his approach was emotional and his lesson was received with rave reviews. I was with a colleague, he and i would turn our heads, look at one another and nod in agreement. ( both of us thinking the same thing ) In three hours, Chris was able to take Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter, wrap it up in a simplistic user friendly manner and with no rah rah buy me attitude, got through my thick scull just how this works. Ask questions, help people, be an inspiration, educate and give people a reason to get to know you. People want to work with people they know, like and trust. With Chris’s guidance and expertise, i walked out with so much joy in my head and heart, sent my very first tweet to him and he retweeted within 60 seconds! He gives and guides and i look forward to his continued support.. THANKS CHRIS, YOU ROCK!

Wendy (Holser) DeFazioDirector of Sales CommunicationBluerock Energy
Adrienne Heim

Chris was a keynote speaker at the Foundation Center and I just wanted say THANK YOU to him for sharing his energy and knowledge with us. I was really inspired by his enthusiasm and impressive presentation. In fact, immediately after hearing him speak I called my intern and met him an hour later over coffee. I shared with him all the advice Chris gave us and now I am really letting him spearhead our social media networks. And, already we see a huge shift.  Also, I took his advice about maximizing the potential of our FB page and guess what?!! Within 24 hours Green Generations went from having 57 likes to now 112!!! YAH! And it keeps growing! So exciting!! We now have at least a dozen people who we don’t know at all, which is so very cool. Many thanks again!!

Adrienne HeimExecutive Director at Green GenerationsGreen Generations
Jon Kinsella

I have to say his “What You Need to Succeed in Social Media Today” presentation was one of the best I’ve sat in on – ever. Awesome energy, and the personal touch put it over the edge! That said, his PowerPoint is going to be a great addition to my toolkit as I continue to fight the good fight and change the culture of my organization. Evolve or Die, aye? BOOM!

Jon KinsellaCommunications ManageBrain Injury Alliance of New Jersey
Kellyanne Bondulich

Christopher spoke to the athletes at Loyola University last week. He gave great insights on how I can use social media to my advantage. When most adults speak to college students about social media, it is a huge list of “don’ts”. Christopher instead explained all we can accomplish because we have the power to manage the technology we work with everyday. Beyond beneficial to my career management

Kellyanne BondulichLoyola Athletic Communications Student AssistantLoyola University Maryland
Derek Brown

Chris was incredibly knowledgeable about the social media world. I, for one, was the most skeptical about the whole social media thing, but after listening & working with Chris I have been shown the light. I couldn’t believe he had me start Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ & Instagram (Chris, I promise I will sign up for Instagram )
I highly recommend Chris to come into your company or personally teach you what social media is, how it can help grow your business & open doors you would have never thought were possible.

Thank you,

Derek Brown

Derek BrownEnergy Supply Consultant Bluerock Energy, Inc.
Jerry Schavone

As the Director of Sales, I am consistently looking for new ways to provide our sales team with the tools needed to help grow their business. Chris delivers! He truly engages his audience when he presents. While he was presenting his material, I was looking around the room and it was a very pleasing sight. All eyes were on him and lots of questions were asked. I would highly recommend that you contact Chris if you are looking to brand your business and increase sales by leveraging social media

Jerry Schavone Sales DirectorBluerock Energy