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How ChatGPT Will Certainly Destabilize White-Collar Workers

what can white-collar workers do to protect their jobs? The key is to focus on developing and honing skills that are difficult to automate. For example, creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking are all skills that are difficult to replicate with AI. Additionally, building a deep understanding of your industry and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies can help you stay relevant and competitive in today’s rapidly changing job market.

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Social Media Marketing
The Secret to Getting a Job in Social Media

A few months ago I was invited to visit my Alma mater Loyola University in Baltimore to lecture about how students can leverage social media to get a job. Hire Me! When I lecture I love to offer real life examples of how students can leverage the free tools at their disposal to gain employment. I included an outline of Dan Herbert – a college student who was using social media to it’s fullest. He wanted to work in social media, so he was actively engaged in social media (what a novel idea). I also spoke about how I had creatively sought a job in social by launching Facebookshouldhireme.com. I love helping people engage in social media, and I love lecturing, just love it. Because I love it so much, and because everyone that knows me understands this about me – I’m lucky enough to speak with some great young people about their careers.

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