5 Killer Steps to Success in Social Media

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If you have a business today, you must be engaged in social media, period. The barrier to entry is low, the engagement is swift, and the results can change your business for the better (if done properly).

Follow these 5 tips on how to engage in social media and you’ll be off to the races

5 Surprising Ways Social Media Can Make You a Better Person

5 Surprising Ways Social Media Can Make You a Better Person

’ve been blogging for a few years now. Initially I started blogging while I was working at Performance Based Ad Network Azoogle (Epic Ads). Back then my posts revolved solely around which offers I felt were performing best on the network. I was finding my voice and only updating once in a blue moon. Now that I’m immersed in Social Media, I find that I cover topics effecting the social media ecosystem most often. However, I do offer personal information on my blog posts: See “Open Letter to My Wife”, or “Open Letter to Papa”. These posts were cathartic, and have added a layer to my blog I never expected to be there. Blogging has helped me in business, and my personal life as well. It’s become a personal journal. I’ve chronicled my journey through unemployment, exhilarating moments with family, interesting friends, business decisions and tid-bits of entertainment.