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Collaborating with Chris Dessi as your business consultant and coach offers a unique blend of insights, strategies, and personalized guidance tailored to elevate your business to new heights.



Customized Strategy Development

• Personalized Attention: Tailored coaching sessions focused on your unique challenges and goals. • Actionable Plans: Creation of customized, actionable strategies to meet specific business objectives. .

Leadership & Personal Development

• Enhanced Leadership Skills: Focused development on leadership qualities necessary for business success. • Increased Confidence: Building confidence in decision-making through guided exploration of business scenarios.

Marketing and Branding Insight

• Innovative Marketing Strategies: Access to cutting-edge marketing techniques to enhance brand visibility. • Brand Differentiation: Guidance on positioning and differentiating your brand in competitive markets.

Business Growth Acceleration

• Growth Hacking: Strategies designed to accelerate business growth and increase market share. • Scalability: Insights into scaling operations effectively while maintaining quality and customer satisfaction.

Digital Transformation Guidance

• Digital Strategy: Navigating the digital landscape to transform your business processes and customer interactions. • Technology Integration: Leveraging the latest technologies to improve efficiency and offer new value to customers.

Overcoming Business Challenges

• Problem-Solving: Personalized assistance in tackling complex business challenges. • Crisis Management: Strategies for effectively managing and navigating business crises.

Work-Life Balance

• Balance Strategies: Finding and maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life. • Stress Management: Techniques to manage stress and avoid burnout.

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We Execute Our Ideas from Start to Finish


Discovery and Assessment

Initial Consultation: This stage involves an in-depth conversation to understand the client's business, challenges, goals, and the specific areas where they seek improvement or growth. It's crucial for establishing a mutual understanding and trust between Chris and the client. Comprehensive Analysis: Chris conducts a thorough analysis of the client's current business practices, market positioning, and competitive landscape. This might include reviewing financial statements, marketing strategies, operational processes, and leadership dynamics. Identifying Opportunities: Based on the initial consultation and analysis, Chris identifies key areas of opportunity and potential growth, as well as challenges that need addressing. This step sets the foundation for developing a tailored strategy.


Strategy Development and Planning

Customized Strategy Formation: Chris leverages the insights gained from the discovery phase to develop a customized, actionable strategy that aligns with the client's business objectives and addresses their specific challenges. Goal Setting: Together with the client, Chris establishes clear, measurable goals and benchmarks. This helps in creating a focused direction and enables both parties to track progress effectively. Implementation Roadmap: Chris designs a detailed implementation roadmap, outlining the steps, timelines, and resources required to execute the strategy. This plan serves as a guide for the client and ensures all parties are aligned on the next steps.


Execution, Monitoring, and Optimization

Guided Implementation: Chris works closely with the client to implement the strategy, providing guidance, support, and expertise to navigate any challenges that arise during execution. Continuous Monitoring and Feedback: Throughout the execution phase, Chris monitors progress against the established goals, gathering feedback and data to assess the effectiveness of the strategy. Iterative Optimization: Based on the performance data and feedback, Chris and the client collaboratively refine and optimize the strategy. This iterative process ensures the approach remains agile and responsive to changing market conditions, business needs, or unexpected challenges.


Choose Your Best Plan

Basic Plan: Foundational Growth



  • Monthly 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Email support with a 48-hour response time
  • Access to a monthly webinar series on business growth and digital marketing strategies
  • Ideal For: Entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking foundational guidance and strategic insight without a substantial time commitment.

Ultra Plan: Accelerated Expansion



  • Bi-weekly 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Weekly email check-ins and support
  • Access to all webinars and exclusive online resources
  • Quarterly personalized business growth and digital strategy review
  • Ideal For: Established businesses aiming for aggressive growth and expansion, requiring more frequent strategic input and personalized support.

Premium Plan: Elite Transformation



  • Weekly 1-hour one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • Customized business strategy development
  • Monthly deep-dive business analysis and planning session
  • Exclusive networking opportunities with other premium clients and industry experts
  • Ideal For: High-level executives and businesses seeking comprehensive, transformative strategies with elite, bespoke support.


I'm Here to Help You & Your Business

Choosing me as your business consultant and coach means partnering with a visionary who not only understands the landscape of modern business but also cares deeply about your personal and professional growth. Whether you're looking to revamp your marketing strategies, enhance your leadership skills, or transform your business digitally, my expertise and personalized approach can guide you toward achieving remarkable success.

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