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Why You Need To Find Your Tribe

Why finding like-minded supportive people in your life can become your super power

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I’m Addicted To Crossfit – Here’s What You Need To Know

I crave it. No judgement. Full support. No business. No family. No spouses. Just blood sweat and tears for one hour. I’d argue it’s meditative. All the commotion of our lives blocked out. All the responsibilities are gone. All the focus is on our form, execution and effort. We don’t think about the presentation tomorrow. Or taking the kids to the doctor appointment, or the nagging client.

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CrossFit Success: Forging Elite Fitness with Chris Guerrero

Hello, my name is Chris Dessi, and I’m a CrossFit addict.

I didn’t start off addicted to CrossFit. Like a bad after school special warning kids of the dangers of drugs, I had heard about it from some friends. They knew I enjoyed staying fit, so they made a suggestion. “Just try it once.” And just like the knucklehead kid in the after school special, I decided to give it a try. Now I’m hooked. Full blown addict.

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