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Chris Dessi on unemployment
The No. 1 Thing You Need to Do Right Now If You’re Unemployed

I have lots of experience being out of work. It happened to me three times in a two-year span. Five times total throughout my career. I’m only 40, so that’s a pretty impressive streak.

Also – I split up a business partnership. I didn’t read the fine print of our contract. I battled my partner for almost a year. I made almost no money.

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Out of Work? Follow These 3 Steps to Employment

I’ve been out of work more times than I care to talk about. Three times in two years as a matter of fact. Getting let go started out being the worst experience of my life, but as I look back on those years I can see that the skills I accumulated attempting to gain employment have remained invaluable in business and life. So here are my three easy steps that I recommend you take in order to insulate yourself from a long term unemployment stint. They worked for me, and I hope they work for you:

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