3 Powerful Reasons Why Some Smart Executives Hate Social Media

My brother calls Twitter  “The Tweeter machine.” He’s 42. He’s educated. Over educated, one could argue. He’s a lawyer. He passed the bar exam. He’s a partner in his law firm. He says “Tweeter Machine” in jest. Because I enjoy it.

But – there doth be some truth behind those lies.

He picks fun at himself before I can pick at him. Such a lame thing for an older brother to do. That’s the tool of the younger sibling. But I digress.

He calls Twitter – “The Tweeter Machine!

1. They Don’t Understand It.

He mocks it because he doesn’t understand it. That’s ok. I mock that he’s a lawyer. The closest I’ve ever gotten to being a lawyer was the day he was sworn in. It was at a big old courthouse in New York City. It scared me. I thanked God I wasn’t a lawyer.

There are dusty men among us. Those who don’t know how to use “The Tweeter Machine.” They’re educated. They run big businesses. Well.

2. They’re Successful Without it.

Guys like my brother have never sent a Tweet. They make very good money. They live in great homes. In great towns. They have great lives. So why do they need “The Tweeter Machine?”

He calls me when I’m on TV talking about social media and tells me to “get the f*ck off his TV’…we both laugh.  Big laughs like the laughs we would laugh after punching each other in the face for 3 hours in our den when we were in elementary school. Our hair stuck to our foreheads with sweat.

3. They’re Private People

I don’t laugh at guys like him. I don’t tell him he’s old because he doesn’t get it. Some of us in digital marketing do. We think everyone should be in awe of social media. His business relies on discretion. He thinks social media is about sharing every detail of his personal and business life. Then we say: Why don’t you have a Twitter account? What? You’re not on Facebook?

I would try to explain: You don’t have to post a photo of your breakfast. There are appropriate marketing techniques to leverage. You can grow your business without telling the world your business.

It wasn’t working. So I created the Westchester Digital Summit.  I went straight to the source – Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google to explain it to them for me. Help guys like him to understand why technology like this is powerful for his business.

I want to educate and empower executives who call Twitter the “Tweeter Machine.”

When we were wrestling, we’d start off having fun, and things would go wrong when his knee would make contact with my nose. My eyes would tear up, blinding me. My mouth would taste like tin from the blood dripping from my bloody nose, down the back of my throat. We’d agree not to tell Mom. I’d stick a rolled up bunch of toilet tissue up my nose and we’d continue fighting. Then we’d lay there. Spent. Laughing.

The Tweeter machine. DA TWEETA MACHINE!!!!



Hey there – my name is Chris Dessi. I’m the founder and CEO of Silverback Social.I’m also the founder of the Westchester Digital Summit, and the author of Your World is Exploding:  How Social Media is Changing Everything-and how you need to Change with it. 

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