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6 Reasons Why Banjo is the Most Powerful APP In the World Right Now

In 20012 I spoke at Social Week Gives Back by the Pivot Conference. During that week I was first introduced to an APP called Banjo. They sponsored the event. Since then I’ve enjoyed tinkering with the APP, but recently there have been some dramatic changes.

Last week I went on Fox News to discuss Banjo (video below). Here are 6 reasons why this is the most powerful APP in the world right now.

3 Powerful Reasons Why Some Smart Executives Hate Social Media

My brother calls Twitter “The Tweeter machine.” He’s 42. He’s educated. Over educated, one could argue. He’s a lawyer. He passed the bar exam. He’s a partner in his law firm. He says “Tweeter Machine” in jest. Because I enjoy it.

But – there doth be some truth behind those lies.

He picks fun at himself before I can pick at him. Such a lame thing for an older brother to do. That’s the tool of the younger sibling. But I digress.

Woman Claims “Best Sex Ever” With a Tree. Is It a Hoax?

Emma McCabe, claims she’s fallen in love with a tree. Oh boy. The woman who’s been unlucky in love has stated the being with the tree, who she’s named Tim – is the “best sex ever.” I’m not here to comment on whether this woman is ill with dendrophilia (where a person is sexually attracted to a tree) or not. What I find intriguing is to see if this story may be a hoax. If so, why would this woman do something like that?


15 Crazy Facts About Social Media That Will Blow Your Mind

A Pew Internet survey conducted in 2014 revealed that 74% of online adults were using social networking sites. Not since the invention of the printing press has the human race seen technology that has altered the way we communicate so drastically. It’s staggering.

Not only are we visiting social media sites, we’re visiting them often. Demographics vary, but it’s safe to say that social media is no longer a shiny new toy. But what do we know about social media other than it’s part of our daily lives and helps to keep us to connected with friends and family?

Chris Dessi on Meerkat

What Happens When Meerkat and Live Television Collide?

Yesterday I walked onto the set at Fox, logged into my Twitter account, and launched the hottest new APP launch since Twitter. It’s called Meerkat. It’s a pretty simple concept: Log into Meerkat via your Twitter account and stream live video to your followers.But, simple is hard. Simple is game-changing.

Social Media is “Happening” to Your Brand (Whether You Like It or Not)

About 5 years ago I met with luxury watch manufacturer, Breitling. I love this brand, and have owned a Breitling watch for 14 years. I wear it daily.

I approached the company with the idea that if I could speak to the decision makers I would most certainly convince them that if it were done properly, they could leverage the awesome power of social media to change the game of selling luxury watches.

Houlihan Lawrence Listing

5 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Brokers

I’m blessed to live in a great town called Chappaqua, New York. We’re about 50 minutes north of New York city by train. Our school district is excellent, the people are phenomenal, the stores are outstanding and the local restaurants are top notch. That’s why I feel obligated to offer some unsolicited advice to the local Real Estate community.

social media

Social Media is Still a Shiny New Toy

The gap is getting wider. I see it everywhere. There are smart people, with big degrees, that work at great companies that make very good livings who don’t have the first clue about social media. They think it’s a choice.

They’re not on Twitter, they don’t use Linkedin, and God forbid if they were ever seen on Facebook. It’s still a tinker toy. It’s fun and games, and they’re real business people with limited time. Why would they add to the ever-growing pile “to-do’s” by joining these social networks anyway? They socialize with the people they want to already. They don’t need to connect with those people from High School, they don’t want to know what you had for lunch, and they certainly don’t want to share where they’re eating lunch. They want their privacy. They value one on one interaction. Face to face. A handshake. Look me in the eye. Stop looking at your iPhone and look me in the eye!