My full name is Christopher Guy Dessi. I love 80’s hair bands, the movie Goodfellas, brunettes, and black Lamborghini’s. I hate when people shush me, glitter, pleated pants, and math. When I was in fifth grade I passed a note to Danielle Bennett and asked her to meet me behind Lakeview Elementary so I could kiss her. She responded with an enthusiastic – “That’s gross.” Why am I telling you all this? Because building your personal brand is all about getting personal. Offering some insight into your personal life is essential for success in building a rock solid personal brand.

For executives, I recommend a “peek behind the curtain”… or some sort of insight into the inner workings of your company. If you have a company softball team, blog about your last game. There are times when getting personal is not advised. Politics and religion for example may lead to more negative than good. I offer personal information on my blog posts, such as “What No One Tells You About Being an Entrepreneur” in which I discuss the brutal reality of being an entrepreneur. Blogging has helped me in my business and personal life. It’s become a personal journal. I’ve chronicled my journey through unemployment. Included exhilarating moments with my family, interesting friends, business decisions, and tidbits of entertainment. I encourage you to take off the filter, and allow for some of your personality to shine through. Open your heart, and allow people to connect. If you’re seeking employment and you feel like opening up may be the wrong thing for you, I’d encourage you to take the opposite stance. Now is the most important time for you to open up. The moment an executive reviews a post of your which resonates with him is when you will get a job offer. I want you to find the core of what makes you tick in these blog posts. The companies that feel your blog posts don’t resonate are not the right company for you in any case.

      1. Express yourself: I’m not a great writer, but maintaining a blog has helped me to develop my writing skills. I have honed the skill of self– expression. This has only helped to cultivate rich relationships in my life. To improve your writing, try downloading the Hemingway App.
      2. Be transparent: I’ve been 100 percent honest with everything I post on my blog — good, bad, or indifferent. It led to some of my most gut — wrenching blog posts while unemployed, or dealing with my father’s ALS. I’ve found that being transparent has proven liberating in my personal life too. I’ve been able to shed any bombast, or inclination to mislead about my place in this world. It is what it is — and it’s all out there in the social media ecosystem.
      3. Share ideas and tell stories: I never realized what a vivid storyteller my Grandpa was. He liked to spin yarns about growing up in Brooklyn that would keep my brother and I sitting captivated at his feet for hours. My grandfather was a phenomenal man of staggering intellect. He knew that a lecture would fall on deaf ears, but a story entwined with a life lesson would resonate. You can try to just shout your opinion for sure.  It won’t resonate as deeply if you give context, perspective, and share your feelings about your opinions.
      4. Acknowledge those you love and admire. Blogging has offered me a platform to “shout from the rooftop” how much I love and admire certain people in my life. I recommend you give it a try. There’s no shame in putting some positive energy out there. I’ve taken great pride in featuring those on my blog who warrant shout-outs. Its always unexpected and always well received. The world could use some more positive energy out there, and it will make you feel fantastic. This isn’t just a blogging technique; this is a life lesson. Sharing with the world how amazing someone in your life is can be a powerful shifter in your mind and spirit.

So give these tips a shot, and let me know in the comments below how well they work for you?


Chris Dessi on CNN

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