Why You Need to Stop Asking For Permission

We’re all guilty of it. Feelings of insecurity creep into even the most self-assured mind. You weren’t always that way. Yet, somehow you find yourself doing it. “No, I couldn’t do that.” You’ve gotten v-e-r-y comfortable in your routine.

You used to be filled with hope and vision. Now you realize that things aren’t what they seemed. So you toe the line. You follow the rules. You lay low, and stay off the radar. You try not to cause your boss too much aggravation.

You help as much as you can. You do what you’re paid to do, and you live your life. You stay focused, and n-e-v-e-r break the rules. You listen to directions and ask for permission at every turn.

And yet, somewhere deep down inside you’re screaming. You know there is more. You yearn to create. You desire connection. You pray for a miracle. You daydream but never take the first step.

I had lunch with a friend today. She told me she wished there were other people in her industry that used social media to promote what they were doing. I told her to be the first. I told her not to ask for permission and do it. She cringed at first, but after she saw the beads of sweat build up on my upper lip and realized that I was dead serious with my advice she perked up. Here’s what I told her:

Stop asking for permission:

Ten years ago when I wanted to be a vice president I decided to create a blog. The hiring manager read my blog post and offered me a job. Seven years ago, a producer discovered my blog and put me on TV. Now I appear on national television. All because I didn’t follow the rules.

If you know that what you’re doing is the right thing. Do it. Don’t hesitate. Don’t delay. Do it. Now. Today. Or tonight. I’m being serious. Your life depends on it. If you don’t you will regret it. Don’t let your self-limiting beliefs and irrational fear hold you back.

I get it. My self-limiting belief was that I’m not a journalist, and don’t belong on TV. Because I didn’t ask for permission, my reality is that I regularly appear on national television.

When I wanted to speak about my industry, I found an event at a local rotary that needed a speaker. I went out to Long Island and spoke without asking my boss if it was ok. I told him after I booked the event. That was twelve years ago.

My self-limiting belief was that I’m not a professional speaker. Because I didn’t ask for permission, my current reality I get paid to keynote events.

  • If you want to live life passionately, value your freedom, and seek deep personal connections- then you must obliterate your self-limiting beliefs.
  • If you’re creative, work on your own personal self-growth, then pull the trigger and kill those self-limiting beliefs, and create something.
  • If you meditate, believe in a higher power, and know that we’re all connected. Then line them up, and destroy each one of those limiting beliefs.

I’ll be right here. Ready to be in awe of the work you do once you obliterate those limiting beliefs.

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