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I’m a voracious reader. I’m also an entrepreneur. These books have recently helped me with everything I do. I hope they can help you too.

1. Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff

Oren’s approach to selling (pitching) is powerful and game changing for any sales professional. A link to his book is below, and a link to my interview with Oren can be found on this blog here


2. Think Big, Act Bigger Jeffrey Hayzlett

Jeff is a constant inspiration to me. We hired Jeffrey to keynote our event the Westchester Digital Summit. I learn from Jeffrey every day on his podcast, and I interviewed Jeffrey about success on this blog here.

3. Start with Why, Simon Sinek

I was fortunate enough to meet Simon last year. He’s an inspiration to me, and I think Start with Why should be required reading for all professionals.

4. Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson

I’ve just read this book, and I was upset I hadn’t read it earlier. Michael has run small businesses, mid-sized businesses and huge multi-million dollar businesses. He drills down to identify the one thing that has made each of those companies a success. The main point is that you have to start DOING. Launching, testing and re-iterating is the most powerful way to conduct business today. You should also always be selling. Sounds intuitive. As an entrepreneur – I can tell you that it’s not. We try to hone and perfect. Don’t. Read this to better understand why.

5. Scrum, Jeff Sutherland

6. When to Rob a Bank, Steven Dubner & Steven Levitt

7. Disrupt You! Jay Samit

8. Choose Yourself, James Altucher

James is a prolific writer and thinker. His blog posts inspire me, surprise me, and always get me thinking.

9. 10% Happier, Dan Harris

I love to meditate. It’s saved me many times in my life. Dan offers a refreshingly honest look into the booming world of meditation. He examines some of the quacks, shares some insight and takes you on his personal journey to becoming 10% happier. I’m a bit obsessed with this book. I hope you become so too. Enjoy.

10. Launch by Jeff Walker

Reading this book has changed the way I do business. Jeff’s book inspired me to create this product, launch this product, and continue to create new products. If you have an expertise in anything, you can make money from it online. Please read this book!