As the short work week winds down, and we begin to prepare for the festivities for Thanksgiving, I thought it might be interesting to take a step back to reflect upon the true essence of what Thanksgiving is all about.  I got to thinking about how lucky I am, and about all of the people, and things I’m grateful for in my life.  Here’s my list of 100 things I’m grateful for – I encourage you to do the same. You’ll be shocked how many good things there are in your life. Use this as a tool to help to keep you on track when you feel like things aren’t going your way, or when you feel like there’s nothing in life to be grateful for.  Add to the list as you go.  I started this list as the 50 things that I’m grateful for and I couldn’t stop.  I’m truly blessed. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  1. My wife
  2. My daughter
  3. My family
  4. The way I feel when my daughter says Daddy
  5. My nieces
  6. My health
  7. My friends
  8. The way I feel when my nieces say “Uncle Chris”
  9. My job
  10. My Home
  11. My colleagues
  12. My boss
  13. My daughter’s laugh
  14. My mother’s love
  15. My father’s guidance
  16. My brother’s friendship
  17. My sister in law’s friendship
  18. My daughters eyes, hands, feet and belly…oh man, that belly.
  19. The way my wife looks at me
  20. My parent’s health
  21. Mobster Movies
  22. Friends that truly “know me”
  23. Music
  24. 80’s Metal (this is separate from “Music” because this particular type of music does something to me that no other music can)…ask anyone that knows me well enough to have a bad memory of me playing air guitar
  25. When my daughter dances
  26. Showering outside (in the summer of course )
  27. Beaches (the real thing, not the movie)
  28. Christmas time
  29. Smiling at a stranger on the subway and getting a smile back
  30. Being in the room when my grandfather passed. It was a profound moment.
  31. My ability to communicate
  32. The way I feel after I work out
  33. My free will
  34. My mind
  35. My body
  36. My intellect
  37. My emotional quotient
  38. YOU
  39. Any movie with Chris Farley in it
  40. The feeling of jumping into a cold pool on a hot summer day
  41. Random acts of kindness
  42. Polite people
  43. People who smile often
  44. Did I mention my daughter’s belly?
  45. My experiences while studying abroad in Belgium, and my year in London
  46. My love of travel
  47. My love of learning
  48. The sound of a G chord on a well tuned acoustic guitar
  49. The feeling of calluses on my hands
  50. Yoga
  51. Meditation
  52. A deep long breath
  53. A deep long kiss
  54. The way my wife’s hair smells
  55. The way my daughters hug feels
  56. That overall, I’ve listened to and considered deeply all of my parents advice
  57. The way my daughter sleeps with her butt up in the air
  58. The time I had with my grandparents
  59. My in-laws (seriously, they’re pretty incredible people)
  60. Coffee
  61. Bare feet on a carpet
  62. Democracy
  63. Guns N Roses (circa 1988)
  64. ipods
  65. Books
  66. My legs (ever see someone in a wheelchair do anything?)
  67. My parents tutelage, time and attention throughout my life
  68. My hometown Mahopac, New York
  69. The town I now live in Chappaqua, New York
  70. Being Italian/American
  71. Wine (preferably red)
  72. Scotch (single malt, preferably Oban)
  73. New York/The New York Yankees
  74. My passion
  75. Being man enough to tell those I love how much I love them – as often as I possibly can
  76. My experiences as a bachelor (the grass is never greener for me as a married man)
  77. My experiences with drugs (I came out the other end alive (barely), and with new perspective on what’s important in my life)
  78. My luck
  79. My college days
  80. When my wife calls me “Babe”
  81. The time I spent alone with my grandfather when I was a little boy
  82. The time my mother and father took to explain to my brother and I why that time with my grandfather would be so invaluable
  83. Electric guitars with tons and TONS of distortion
  84. Black Lamborghini’s and Harley Davidsons- they do something to my insides
  85. Latina women – even though my wife isn’t one…(they do something to my insides too) see #76 and #1
  86. Female singer song writers
  87. The Metro North conductors that smile
  88. My childhood
  89. My hair (I was convinced I’d be bald by the time I hit 30) – I can deal with a bald spot
  90. My ability to make (some) people laugh
  91. My good sense to learn by observing how my brother conducts himself
  92. My coaches – even though some still haunt me, they taught me so much about myself
  93. My teachers – some stand out, but all were phenomenal
  94. Being able to hold my dog Chelsea as she was put down.
  95. My father for teaching me how to be a man
  96. My ability to stop and smell the roses
  97. My temper. It’s challenged me my whole life, and forced me to be obsessively introspective, and acutely present at all times, lest it beat me.
  98. Being able to close my eyes and feel my grandfathers touch, hear his voice, and know he’s with me
  99. My ability to forgive
  100. My faith