Being an entrepreneur is hard. It’s even harder to conceive, build and sell a product. When I was younger I was obsessed with companies like The Sharper Image. I would peruse the isles to discover new and compelling products to buy for friends and family.

While discussing this obsession with a friend recently, I decided I’d seek out and share a new generation of interesting products with you here.

So here it goes. Here are 20 insanely weird and unique gifts/products from killer start-ups.

1. The Legs Jacket

We’ve all been there. It’s raining so hard that even your huge umbrella can’t save you from soaked legs. Big problem, simple idea, amazing solution.


2. The Super Snorkel

This looks insane, and for that reason alone, I want one. Billed as a “Full Face Snorkeling Mask Features Tubeless Design with Anti-Fog 180 Degree Lens” it’s cool factor is off the charts. Plus, it has a GoPro mount to document all of your underwater shenanigans.

The Super Snorkel
The Super Snorkel

3. Schiller Bikes

Why bike, when you can bike on water? Weird? Check. Unique? Check.


4. Jibo

He’s cute in an R2D2 sort of way, and I’m really curious to see if he can take a decent picture of my family for me.


5. The Edge Desk

I love that it’s pretty and functional. It’s designed to be completely portable too. Fantastic.


6. 4Sync Light

There’s nothing sexy about lights on your bike. Things get super sexy when you start telling me about the science behind how syncing lights make it easier for humans to see you at night.


7. Sun Shield

I love this product because I’ve said to more than one person that someone should invent it. Here is it, sunscreen in public places. Thanks Sun Shield. My burnt bald spot thanks you.


8. Sleep Phones

I had no idea that I wanted this product in my life, and now I can’t stop thinking about them. Speakers embedded inside of a headband. Pure genius that solves a problem. I’m in love.


9. Eva Polar

I run hot. My wife and daughters don’t. This is a product built just for me. I’m considering writing a love song about them. A personal air cooler. Yes, please!


10. VineBox

Wine sold by the glass? Yes, please. Cheers!


11. EyePatch Case

I once filmed a segment about hackers spying on people using the camera on your iPhone. Unfortunately this is a real concern. Until now. Nice little product that solves a scary problem.


12. RolFlex

I’m addicted to CrossFit. I’m also over 40. Which means my muscles are in a constant state of soreness. I think this product is genius. Combination rolling while squeezing the muscle? Perfect.


13. LampChamp

About 10 years ago I wanted to create a couch that had outlets for my laptop and mobile device. I never made it, but this product is the next best thing. I literally whooped when I first saw it. Great idea. GREAT idea.


14. The Stinger

Like I said earlier, I’m addicted to CrossFit. Which means I love any product that can give me relief. I love the creative way they’ve combined massage and icing. Really an ingenious little tool for athletes.

The Stinger Cold Therapy

15. FireBoulder

A gas fire pit in a boulder. I’m not sure it can get any manlier than this. I’m a little annoyed I didn’t invent this. I want three.


16. Framieri

Interchangeable frames that just pop out. Cool!


17. The Fifth Paw

I don’t own a pet (although my daughters have been campaigning hard for a dog), but I can imagine that carrying a bag of poop around town can be unpleasant. Problem solved.This is a hands free poop bag carrier with a leash attachment.

The Fifth Paw

18. TentStile

I’m not much of an outdoorsy guy, but I can see how these things are selling like crazy. Like camping? Great. How about camping in the trees? Better.


19. Flipy

Low tech. Helpful. Simple. Love it.


20. WineCondoms

Another saturated market, another simple and effective idea.