The Charismatic Personal Brand: Issue and Solution

Lately at Drive Action Digital we’ve have the good pleasure of speaking with individuals that are very interested in social media. They’ve mostly experience some sort of success and notoriety, whether it be in the local news, business, or even former American Idol contestants. These interactions have inevitably kicked off stimulating conversation regarding Joehow to leverage the power of social media to enhance these people’s personal brand. So this week, as I’ve done in the past, I’m going to offer a week long blog post break down of some of the issues presented, and hopefully offer some guidance regarding finding the right solution for you. This information has been proven, has value, and will ultimately save you time and money – so pay close attention:

Are We Too Obsessed with Facebook?

Yesterday, Mashable posted a phenomenal info-graphic that I thought I’d share with you. What’s fascinating to me isn’t just the statistics about users who have profiles on Facebook. The more exciting information has to do with what we’re doing with Facebook, and just how ingrained into our society the site has become. I’ve mentioned in the past how exciting it is that there are 500million Facebook users globally, but the real key to why Facebook has such an astronomical valuation deals with the idea that of those 500 million 250million log in each day. Facebook has become as much of our daily lives as checking our email.