Friends, are rare. Well, truly good friends are rare. Even rarer still is to make good friends late in life. We all have our crew of people we’ve grown up with, gone to high school & college with etc, but it’s been my experience that it’s rare to meet people that you sort of fall in love with immediately after meeting.

My wife and I are very lucky to have a slew of new and phenomenal friends who we’ve gotten very close with very quickly. Maybe it’s that our children are friends, or that when you hit a certain age all pretence is gone. Either we get along, or we don’t. No need to sugar coat it. We like hanging out – or we don’t like hanging out. Well, there is a certain couple – who I won’t name here out of respect for their privacy who have had a really horrific year.  They have dealt with ungodly adversity in the few years we’ve known them.  This past year has been particularly difficult for them. The wife lost her mother and most recently survived a hard fought battle with cancer. She’s come out the other side, and is doing great, but that’s not why I’m writing this.

They invited us to their home last night. We all had a lovely evening filled with celebratory champagne, birthday wishes, and lot’s of hugs.  This family has been through hell and back this year, and all they could do is offer me love, guidance and strength as my family deals with my father’s illness. This morning I received an email from the wife. She offered us even more love, support and guidance. Offering some sage advice that as we deal with hard decisions regarding my Dad that if we lead with Love, we can’t make a bad decision.

I had wanted to sing her praises publically, but not everyone knows that she battled cancer this year. But I can offer this “gift” to her.  My public acknowledgement of her friendship and her strength that inspires me. Her husband’s love for her that motivates me to be a better husband, and the general feeling of warmth admiration and love I have for their entire family.  Thanks guys. I love you. 😉

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