Daniel Barrett, Rubicon Artist Development, & His Revolutionary “Remembering” Technique

This week I was schooled on a theory by dear friend Daniel Barrett Sumber.  Dan is changing the game of music by launching an innovative site called Rubicon Artist Development.

Rubicon offers mentorship through the process of creating an album.  I know that I’ve personally never heard of a company like it.  Speaking with my old friend (we both grew up in a small town in upstate New York called Mahopac) I was inspired.  Dan’s enthusiasm, and passion is contagious.

What really had me thinking after we got off the phone was Dan’s unique and powerful “remembering” technique that he teaches his students.  When offering mentorship and creative guidance, Dan requests from his students that they “remember” the song they are writing instead of pushing through the song writing process from beginning to end.  This is revolutionary, powerful, and potentially life changing for people who “need to do their music”.  Dan is a trained musician that has an eye for business, and I think his idea is inspiring.  There is no need for real musicians to starve for their craft.

Throughout our conversation Dan mentioned that he is working closely with Joe Vitale of The Secret.  This blew me away. Joe was very instrumental in my career. After reading The Secret, watching the film, and obsessively listening to the audio book, I shared with Dan that Dr. Joe was instrumental in effectively changing my life.  I was a Sales Manager when I read the book, and within 6-8months I was Vice President at a multi-national ad network. Wow.

Dr. Joe Vitale of The Secret

Today Dan is working on a book with Joe regarding this fascinating “remembering” technigue.  This post isn’t about anyhting other than me honoring my friend, and really just putting it out there that I admire him, respect what he’s all about, and can’t wait to read his book.

So if you’re a struggling artist, and you “NEED” to make music, than Daniel Barrett is  your guy.  His innovative, refreshing way of looking at the world will most certainly help you, and guide you on your journey.

Good luck Dan.  I “remember” us celebrating your books arrival on the NY times best seller list while sipping Oban Scotch at a great steak place in Austin. :-)