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Happy Mother’s Day to My Wife Laura

I’m not sure when I first fell in love with you. It may have been when we first met when I was 5. Or it may have been that time I told you I was going to marry you while on our first date.

We were only dating 10 months when I asked for your hand. How well can you know a person after less than a year?

But I knew.

Chris Dessi's Mother Pat Dessi

Happy Mother’s Day to My Mother Pat Dessi

Mother’s Day just came to a close (phew). After spending the day with my gorgeous wife, two beautiful little girls, and Mother & Father I felt it was appropriate to take a minute and acknowledge my amazing Mother. For those that know her, this post is a no brainer. Mom is truly amazing. A colleague recently poked fun at my business partner and dear friend Anthony Zarro and Myself for being “Mamma’s boys”….we both embraced the term, and agreed that our admiration for our Mothers runs deep. Maybe it’s an Italian thing, or maybe it’s a parent thing (when you finally become a parent you start to realize just how special these women are). Personally I think the world is a better place with my Mother in it.

A Mother’s Day Tribute

As I write this, I’m sitting on the floor in JFK airport. Oddly enough, I’m not traveling anywhere. I’m here to pick up my father in-law Anthony Guiglotto. I’m happy to hang out at the airport to wait for him. He’s a supremely good guy, and I love him. Since the first moment I met him he’s welcomed me into his family (I started dating his daughter 7 years ago this past weekend).