Happy Mother’s Day to My Wife Laura

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Laura & Chris Dessi

I’m not sure when I first fell in love with you? It may have been when we first met when I was 5. Or it may have been that time I told you I was going to marry you while on our first date.

We were only dating 10 months when I asked for your hand. How well can you know a person after less than a year?

But I knew.

Did we fall in love when we first kissed? You remember it, right? You dropped your keys. I’m never going to let you live that down. A highlight for me in our dating lore.

But I was thinking about our “story” recently.  I can’t recall the first time I “fell in love” with you.

I also realize it’s because I fall in love with you in different ways, every day.

The love I used to feel for you was real, for sure. But it has matured over the years. That first love I felt was immature. Bouncing around. It was pastel. The love I feel for you now is mature. Steady. Clear. It’s a deep burgundy. Is that odd to describe love like a color?  I don’t know.

I recall your face the first time you kissed Talia. She was so tiny. The nurse held her to your face. Through your tears you spoke to her. So gentle. So natural.

I fell so deeply in love with you that day.

I recall seeing your face the first time Olivia had a seizure. I remember seeing the fear in your face. I remember hugging you in the ER. I remember feeling like we were one person. One parenting entity. I remember pushing the tears from your eyes, and looking at you saying that Olivia was going to be OK.

I remember falling so deeply in love with you. Right there, in an ER. Odd.

I remember feeling your hand on mine at my Father’s funeral. I remember knowing that I couldn’t look at you because I would lose it. But you held my hand, and you squeezed my hand when I needed it.  As if to say to me “I’m here with you.” I sat down next to you after I delivered his eulogy, and you squeezed my hand.

I fell so deeply in love with you that day.

I fall in love with you every day, in little different ways.

I fall in love with you when I see the way you look at our girls.

I fall in love with you when I see the way they react to you.

I fall in love with you when I see you in them.

Happy Mother’s Day Laura.

I love you more today than I did yesterday. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for my beautiful girls. Thank you for being an incredible Mother to them. thank you for being an amazing wife to me. I love you Laura Jean. Always will.

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