10 Extraordinary Habits of the Most Passionate People

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Exploring how successful people conduct their lives can motivate and guide our own. Sometimes, while seeking deeper understanding, we find ourselves drawn to something other than success.

We realize that it’s the most passionate people who we’re drawn to. Whether in business, politics, or entertainment, passionate people cause a stir, get our hearts beating, and spark something within us.

What is it about them? How are their brains wired? I’m going to show you 10 habits of the most remarkably passionate people.

1. They approach everything with enthusiasm–no matter what.

Being enthusiastic about making a television appearance or public speaking is easy. Remaining enthusiastic in everyday meetings is where magic can happen.

Passionate people know that each step, no matter how monotonous, is one step closer to fulfilling a dream. They never seek outside motivation. It naturally flows through them because they can see the bigger picture.

They know each step sets off a ripple of positivity toward their mission.

2. They have grit to persevere, and they never, ever make excuses.

Being comfortable with delayed gratification can be an asset to anyone. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable can be a superpower.

Sitting with yourself in your darkest moments can teach you a great deal. Examining how you treat setbacks, and how you grasp for excuses when things go wrong, will inform you.

Passionate people have forged calluses to discomfort. They launch headlong into challenges. The more they do this, the easier it becomes. Which fuels their next challenge.

3. They know that they have to work at being happy.

Happiness is your job. It’s not something served to you at a five-star hotel on a silver platter.

Remaining happy and approaching life’s challenges from a positive mindset is like building muscle. Passionate people aren’t irrationally happy, running around hugging everyone they see. They have confidence in their own ability to do the impossible.

They worry about what they can control, not about the things outside their realm of influence.

4. They have laser focus, to the point of obsession.

Many people lose themselves in certain endeavors, sucking up psychic energy by their manic, misguided endeavors.

Passionate people align themselves and define their mission. Then they set out to complete that mission with ferocity.

This perfect focus can seem like obsession to outsiders, but for the person involved, it becomes a magnet for more opportunities, more wealth, more growth.

5. They believe in themselves and have deep self-confidence.

Self-confidence can be a fleeting thing. On the one hand, you’re speaking with your team about your vision for your company, and your confidence is through the roof. Then you get up in front of your colleagues at a conference and you feel like a second grader applying to Harvard. Odd how that works, isn’t it?

Passionate people don’t dwell on the moments when they have low self-confidence. They know that we all lose the magic of self-confidence at some point.

So, they define the things and situations in which they feel most confident. This becomes their playground. They work to grow outside of their confidence bubble, for sure. But they know where they have the greatest self-belief and they embrace their swagger.

6. They’re perfectionists, but they push themselves to move past it.

Passionate people remain open to alternative outcomes and opportunities. They don’t latch on to what was first intended.

Passionate people focus on what they can control. They then take action to do great things.

They know that taking a myopic view will slow them down and could jeopardize their mission.

7. They seek both inner and outer peace.

Entrepreneurs work long hours. It’s an inevitable reality. When you’re faced with limited capital and tight deadlines, you are the only line of defense. This is not sustainable.

Passionate people understand that they are a precious resource. So they create space to pause throughout their day, whether it be for quite contemplation or rigorous exercise.

Acknowledging the symbiotic relationship between their mind and body is paramount. Passionate people know that at times, stepping back is more powerful than leaning in.

8. They have a support system.

Family can come in many shapes and sizes. You can have a supportive spouse or a friend that you’ve known since grammar school in your corner. You may consider both family. Support systems don’t have to be blood-relation.

Passionate people know that they need tender love and care. They surround themselves with people who will support them unconditionally. They visit with them often and share with them their hopes and fears.

This is their sanctuary. A place to recharge without fear of repercussion or recourse.

9. They have deep perspective that it’s just work, not a life or death situation.

Because we spend so many hours, weeks, and months building businesses, lines of demarcation become blurred. It’s a natural thing to feel as if the drama of your business is real life.

Passionate people understand that while business can have very real life consequences, it’s almost never as bad as you think. Nobody is dying. Nobody is curing cancer.

A realistic outlook fuels the most passionate people, and can help them take down time without regret.

10. They are self-starters and remain motivated in the most difficult situations.

Life can beat you up. Moments of defeat are inevitable. The most passionate understand this, embrace it, and move forward.

They can tap into their deep reservoir of resources to push forward. They rely on daily habits of success. These habits fuel little wins. Little wins feed big wins, and momentum kicks in.


Thanks for reading. This article was originally published in my column for INC.com. My name is Chris Dessi. I’m CEO of Silverback Social.

I’m also author of Remarkable You: Build a Personal Brand and Take Charge of Your Career. If you’d like to read the first chapter of Remarkable You for free, just head here.

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