21 of the Most Valuable Linkedin Tips You’ll See This Year

Linkedin is powerful. Linkedin is also where modern business people spend lots of time. If you’re reading this you already understand that. Sadly, some of you don’t know how to use the Linkedin machine. Here are 21 tips that will help you be more normal on Linkedin. You’re welcome.

  1. Please stop speaking of yourself in the 3rd person. Chris hates that.
  2. Linkedin Endorsements stink. Sorry Linkedin. If you admire and respect someone, please take the time to write recommendation. An endorsement is Linkedin Graffiti – it makes their profile look like it has a big Rubic’s cube on it.
  3. Stop blocking people from seeing your picture when you’re stalking them. It’s creepy. I have nightmares about that freakish grey head outline. Grow a pair, and show your face! Thankyouverymuch.
  4. Curating goes a long way. Generate curiosity about you and your business by creating and sharing great content. If you’re not sure what great content is, check out my friend Dave Kerpen. The man is a maestro of Linkedin posts.
  5. Leverage Groups: Either start a group in your industry, or engage in groups. Or if you’re feeling lucky – engage in a group outside of your expertise. If you happen to stumble upon a cool business like Stonefarm because you join a group about outdoor living, that’s a good thing. Learning from them will make you a better business person. That’s why you’re here – right?
  6. Make sure your connections see important content by tagging them with the @functionality. Just keep it professional. No crazy pic tagging from the company party. This isn’t Facebook.
  7. Looking for a new job? Adjust your privacy settings so your boss won’t get notified of your updates. This is a good time to keep it stealth. But do I really have to explain this one to you?
  8. Want to Link with someone? Super. But don’t send them a sales email the same day. If you do – it’s an acceptable moment for you to get blocked by that person.
  9. Customize your connection. Would it kill you to take the extra fraction of a second to write a custom note? I mean, how hard is it to delete this: “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” – Chris Dessi, and change it to “Great pitch last night. Looking forward to connecting here and learning more about your business.” – Chris Dessi. Do this and an Angel will get it’s wings.
  10. Listen: Leverage Linkedin as a tool to help educate you about the company you want to work for, or the executive that inspires you.
  11. Keep Your finger on the pulse. Check Pulse daily to track trending posts by your favorite Linkedin Influencers.
  12. Speak up: Don’t be afraid to offer your 2 cents, and add a comment. Just be polite. We know where you work.
  13. Stay Mobile: Install Linkedin’s Connected APP. It’s a great way to stay informed of job changes and other important updates in your network. The coolest feature? Linkedin auto-populates birthday messages. Sort of lame, but mostly awesome. Birthday wish bonanza! And don’t tell me you hate that birthday feature because this is a business networking site. Before Linkedin I spent more time at office Birthday parties than in my bed sleeping. It’s a perfectly acceptable thing to do in the business environment.
  14. Drop the title. Instead, create a headline that connects people with who you are. So instead of “Founder” you may want to try “Serial entrepreneur with 15 years in digital marketing.” Or you can keep it Founder. Whatever. You worked hard for that title. Feel free to ignore this one.
  15. Add a photo, and take off the shades. And smile while you’re at it. Remember, we’re showcasing the brand of you! Kidding. I’m just sick of seeing dudes in shades. It freaks me out.
  16. Gather intelligence: Research contacts and companies to develop your network. Use advanced search to find companies close by. I love this feature. I also love that people see me snooping on their profile. Then they look at mine. And then I look at theirs. And then …nothing.
  17. Don’t be afraid to ask for an introduction.
  18. Don’t be such a cheap skate. Pony up the cash so you can start to send in-mails. They work. If done right.
  19. Search matters. Make sure keywords that surround your industry are in your profile. Don’t get all Instagrammy on me, and add a million keywords just to get noticed. #keywords #dontgocrazy #itsalittlemuchsometimes #justbeAWAREofkeywords #theywork #butyouhavetobesubtle
  20. Speaking of search – edit the link in your profile that Linkedin generates when you create your profile. What once looked like this: www.linkedin.com/in/chrisdessi/en/1342523452346145145 you can change to this: http://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisdessi/en and voila! You’re all grown up and optimized for search. *HIGH FIVE*
  21. Add Causes and Volunteer Experience. People want to know that you’re not a robot. Linkedin says that “42% of hiring managers value it as much as formal job experience.” Read: they want to know that you’re not a friggin’ robot!


How much time do you spend on Linkedin? Do you let people see you when you stalk them? Are you addicted to endorsements? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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