15 Crazy Facts About Social Media That Will Blow Your Mind

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SelfieA Pew Internet survey conducted in 2014 revealed that 74% of online adults were using social networking sites. Not since the invention of the printing press has the human race seen technology that has altered the way we communicate so drastically. It’s staggering.

Not only are we visiting social media sites, we’re visiting them often. Demographics vary, but it’s safe to say that social media is no longer a shiny new toy. But what do we know about social media other than it’s part of our daily lives and helps to keep us to connected with friends and family?

Here are 15 facts revealed by research conducted in various studies on the subject of social media by the Pew Research Center that are sure to blow your mind:

  1. Social media isn’t just for kids anymore. 31% of all seniors (65 and older) are on Facebook.
  2. Instagram and Twitter are a match made in heaven. If you love peppering followers with Tweets on Twitter, chances are you’re on Instagram. 58% of Twitter users are selecting the perfect filter for their selfie on Instagram.
  3. Linkedin is the second most popular social media site.
  4. Of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram – Twitter is the least popular.
  5. Instagram users can’t get enough. Almost 1/2 of all Instagrammers hit up the site at least once a day.
  6. A growing percentage of Americans are aware of the power of social media and how it can amplify any content they post. That reality is revealed by the fact that only 42% of Facebook and Twitter users would post about the Snowden-NSA story. This is in stark contrast to the 86% of Americans who are willing to have an in-person discussion about the story.
  7. Facebook’s growth has slowed. While other social media sites continue to see increases in usage.
  8. Engagement is the highest on Facebook – a whopping 70% of users love visiting the site daily.
  9. Selfie taking Moms love Instagram. Suburban (26%), Females (29%), ages 30-49 (25%) have show significant growth on the photo sharing site in the past 2 years.
  10. Women dominate Pinterest. Close to 50% of of online women (42%) are Pinterest enthusiasts. Men like creating Pinboards too. 13% of online men are Pinning.
  11. If you’re rich, chances are you’re checking out your Facebook feed via your cell phone. 45% of those with a household income higher than $75,000 use social networking sites on their phones.
  12. Social media can make us feel connected to friends and family. But sometimes it stresses us out. Women report that technology is more tied to their stress levels than men.
  13. Facebook is the most popular social media site. 71% of online adults use the social media site.
  14. Linkedin is the smart, rich, employed older sister of social networks. It’s the only social media network where those in ages 30-64 represent the average user beating out the 18-29 set. A full half of Linkedin users are college educated. 44% make more than $75,000/ year and 32% are employed.
  15. Over one half of adults now use two or more social media sites.


How much time do you spend on social networking sites? Which site is your favorite? Do you feel more connected to friends and family as a result of social media? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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