5 of The Most Inspiring Keynotes You Need to Watch Now

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5 of The Most Inspiring Keynotes You Need to Watch Now

Inspiring, sometimes touching, and always thought provoking – a good keynote is timeless. A bad one, can destroy your event, suck the life out of the room, and make you want to vomit. I believe in the power of the spoken word. I also believe that each of these men are masters at their craft. Here are 5 of the best public speakers I’ve ever heard utter a word.


Gary Vaynerchuk

Why you need to watch: Watch this if you’re currently out of work, or ready for some change. Leverage social media to do what you love!

A personal story about Gary: It was September of 2008 at the Web 2.0 conference at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. It was toward the end of the day, and I must have been on my 4th cup of coffee. I didn’t want to be there, but I had to for my job.

Gary Vaynerchuk took the stage, and my life changed. I decided at that moment I would do everything I could to work in social media. It’s a unique thing to have been in the audience that day. Gary inspired me so much that I dedicated a full chapter in my book to him. Listen to Gary’s talk on building a personal brand within the social media landscape, and see if it has the same effect on you. I hope it does.

Casey Gerald

Why you need to watch: Watch this if you’re a student, or work for a non profit.

A personal story about Casey: I met Casey last Spring in Las Vegas. We were both at Tony Hsieh’s Catalyst Week. It’s an immersive educational experience. Where a curated group of people from all over the world come to learn about and contribute to the Downtown Project. When he walked into Tony’s living room I recognized Casey after having stumbled across his speech on youtube only a week prior. I shouted across the room – “amazing speech, man!” Suffice to say Casey’s speech made an impression. Today I’m honored to call him a friend, and I watch this speech while preparing for my own. Learn about Casey, and his good work at MBAs Across America, during his Harvard MBA Class Day Speech delivered in 2014.

Simon Sinek

Why you need to watch: Watch this is you’re an entrepreneur or a leader within your organization.

A personal story about Simon: Last Spring I was at the Chappaqua Book Fair with my two young daughters. I spotted Simon perusing some books and approached him like a teenage fan of One Direction. I introduced myself and proceed to gush about his work inspires me. I offering that he had changed the way I approached my entire business. He thanked me, and did something different. He offered me a literal “token of appreciation” that I still have. A silver coin with his contact information on it. It was unique, compelling and memorable. Just like Simon’s “Start with Why” TEDxPugetSound presentation about how great leaders inspire action.

Steve Jobs

Just watch this! iPhone introduction in 2007. No intro needed. Sit back, relax and witness genius.

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Why you need to watch: Watch this if you work for a big brand and want to create change in your organization.

A personal story about Jeffrey: I first met Jeffrey last year at his office in New York. Jeffrey is big, brash, and brilliant. As the former CMO of Eastman Kodak Jeffrey is a change agent, focusing on leadership, innovation and change management to drive business growth. Watch this video and learn how to think big and do bigger. He’s so good that I booked him to speak this Spring at my event.


What’s the most powerful keynote you’ve ever witnessed? Did it move you, inspire you, anger you? Have you ever been so motivated that it changed your career trajectory like Gary did for me? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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