4 Simple Ways to Control Your Career Destiny

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When I first learned about social media I was so excited I bought FacebookShouldHireMe.com. I wanted to get Facebook’s attention. It didn’t work. Whatever. But other people took notice. I got coverage in Fortune Magazine.

That attention helped me get my first job in social media at Buddy Media. After that experience my personal blog evolved. It became my main marketing tool for business. The content I created insulated my personal brand. It kind of happened by accident.

If you Google me you’ll notice that I’ve create most of the content in the stream of results. Now I want you to manage your personal digital brand. I want you to generate content and shine via social media. The better you get at this, the more insulated you become from getting fired. You’ll no longer be reliant on your employer. If you position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, you have the power. You dictate the terms, and you decide. Refreshing concept, right?

Here are 4 simple ways you can control your career destiny.

1. Create

I recommend LinkedIn as a starting point. But try Medium, and Quora too. Use theHemingway APP to help. The more you use the APP the better you’ll get. Write every day. No matter what. You don’t have to publish everything. But writing every day will help you get better at it. Use CoSchedule to post your content. This APP will help you repost older content that you audience may have missed.

2. Add Value

The more useful and original your content, the more viral it becomes. The more viral, the more conversations happen around the content. The more conversations, the more people see it. The more people see it the more they’ll seek out more of your content. Add value, and you create a branded viral loop. Content – Reader – Conversation. Content – Reader – Conversation. Etc. etc.

3. Curate Hot Content

Search Google Trends. See what people are reading. Comment on that topic. Review top Linkedin Influencers. See who and what people are reading. Anything about careers on Linkedin will get first billing. Tweets, links, re-posts all help. The more conversations, the more brand advocates you’ll attract. The more brand advocates you attract, the more online love you’ll get. Back-links, mentions in posts, general online good will. They become your front line soldiers. Defending your brand. Your own personal digital army.

4. Start now

In 2013 I decided that I wanted to create a conference. So I bought the URLWestchesterDigitalSummit.com (I like to buy URL’s). This year John Hall a Forbescontributor named the event one of the “Conferences That Will Keep You Ahead of Marketing Trends This Year.”  We’ve hosted over 1000 executives. Google, Linkedin, Pinterest, GE and IBM will send speakers.

Facebook is sending two speakers to the summit. I don’t need them to hire me anymore.

Have fun.


How much time do you spend generating content? Which site is your favorite? Do you post content on Linkedin? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


Ready to harness social media for your business? Save your spot at the Westchester Digital Summit. Forbes listed the summit among the world’s most elite calling it one of the“Conferences That Will Keep You Ahead Of Marketing Trends This Year.” Visit Westchesterdigitalsummit.com to register!


Hey there – my name is Chris Dessi. I’m the founder and CEO of Silverback Social. I’m also the founder of the Westchester Digital Summit, and the author ofYour World is Exploding: How Social Media is Changing Everything-and how you need to Change with it. 

Want to grow your business using social media? Click here.

Photo Credit: Sfio Cracho via Shutterstock

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