5 Ways New York’s Grand Hyatt is Harnessing the Power of Foursquare & Twitter

Yesterday was an exciting day for the Drive Action Digital team.  We spend most of our day in great meetings with clients, Lifesta and  Audition Booth. Both teams are young, exciting and ready to take on the world.  We’re blessed to have the opportunity to work with such inspiring and  brilliant people.  As we wrapped up with Lifesta and Audition Boot, we headed to the Fox studios where my business partner and founder of Drive Action Digital Anthony Zarro filmed a spot which will air early next week.  Not bad for a chilly December Thursday, right?

Afterward we headed to New York’s Grand Hyatt Hotel to celebrate.  We took a seat at the bar, and settled in.  Being the social media addict that I am – I decided to check in at the Hyatt via Foursquare.   I tweeted out my check in as well.  The message is below:

@cdessi on Twitter

Within minutes, I received a tweet from the Grand Hyatt’s Twitter Account – below:

Twitter @cdessi Grand Hyatt New York


Here are 5 ways New York’s Grand Hyatt is harnessing the power of Foursquare and Twitter

  1. They’re listening – they saw me check in and tweet
  2. They’re engaging – they replied to me less than 10 minutes after my first tweet – amazing
  3. They didn’t solicit anything from me – yet I’m writing this blog post just because I was so impressed with them
  4. They made me feel special – they didn’t ask me to take any action, they just tweeted
  5. They made it human – they responded to my tweet, but they also READ my tweet, and congratulated us

Well done Grand Hyatt!  Kudos to whomever is managing their social media endeavors.

Over and out.