This gift seems like a small one, but it went a long way. Let me explain. One of my best friends in the world is Anthony Pace. This is our second year making homemade wine together. We have a blast doing it. I still don’t know how we really make the wine. I just show up, following Anthony’s instructions and drink last year’s batch while doing it. Seems like a win win, right?  So on Sunday I was heading up to his home in Somers. It was really cold and windy outside. When I stopped at my local Dunkin Donuts they were closed because they had lost power. I texted Anthony when I got up to Somers and asked him if he needed coffee.  Lucky, I got him a huge cup – they had lost power too, and he would have been without coffee. Phew, crisis averted. Like I said, it was a small gift, but I think he appreciated it. That is, until we both shifted to drinking beer by 10:30am. Shhhh. Don’t tell our wives.  Now I’ll share a photo of his gorgeous daughter to distract you from the fact that I was drinking a beer at 10:30am on Sunday.

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