On Halloween night our dear friend the Potenza’s invited us into their home for a quick beer/glass of wine.  Doug and Traci are great people and have a beautiful family. They live just up the street from our home in Chappaqua, NY.   Traci mentioned that she had been following along with my challenge, and said she had an idea for me.  We all got a bit too involved with our beer/wine before she could tell me her idea. The next morning via Facebook Tracy sent me this note:

Hey. Good to see you guys last night! Thanks for coming by. I never told you my idea for your charity work. You could ask the question “how much good can you do with 69 dollars?”. You can challenge others or ask for ideas. I had to do this once (with 35 dollArs) and I found this charity called Secret Smiles where they could buy a backpack and fill it with school supplies for $35. So I asked 35 people for 35 dollars for 35 backpacks. Secret Smiles is still out there, I think they donate beds to needy kids. You could ask them or another charity what you can do with $69. Just a though and hopefully it makes sense

I loved the idea, but I’m not as smart as Traci, so I took the shortcut and just donated $69 to her suggested charity “Secret Smiles.” They’re doing amazing work, and you should all check them out here.   If you feel so inclined, I dare you to see what good you can do with $69 of your own …let me know how it turns out in the comments.

To learn more about why I’m giving a gift every day for 69 days, please read this If you have any ideas where I can give, what I can give, or how I can go about giving please either email me at chrisdessi@silverbacksocial.com, text or call 646 645 4171, comment  below or find me on Twitter @chrisdessi

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