7 Unique & Affordable Gifts for Dad The Whole Family Will Love (Even Mom)

Father’s day is just around the corner, and it’s gonna be a banger. Things are opening up, masks are coming off, and Dad is ready to party like it’s 1999.

So what do you get a guy that doesn’t have to commute, has zero use for new ties and has spent the last year of his life consuming more alcohol than he did during all four years of college?

Here are 7 Unique & Affordable Gifts for Dad The Whole Family Will Love (Even Mom)

  1. Skulls – Really anything having to do with skulls will be a winner with Dad. What’s cooler than a skull? Nothing. That’s what. Skulls are badass.

If Dad is heading back into the office these days, you could also take the skull theme and grab dad a new pair of skull cufflinks. Either way – skulls for Father’s Day!!

2. Whisky Decanter Set- Again, this is another “always win” gift idea. Plus Dad has been training his liver all year. Anything having to do with Whisky will be a winner. Whisky for Father’s Day!

3. Meditation Bowl – Grab this Tibetan singing bowl set for the mindful Dad in your home. I have one in my office, and I love it. It looks great and sounds amazing. Ommmmmmmmm gonna buy a cool gift for Dad. See what I did there? Meditation for Father’s Day!

4. Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones – It’s been an awful 15 months or so. Now that things are opening up, and Dad will get back into the office and out of his sweatpants, why not give him the gift of good habits? Books for Fathers Day!

5. Fire Stick – Dad works hard. Help him unwind with his favorite shows, and grab him a Fire TV stick 4k streaming device with Alex Voice Remote. Movies for Fathers Day!

6. Security Camera – If the Dad in your life is anything like me, I’m sure he wants to keep you safe from any harm. So help him keep his eye on things with a Wyze Cam v3 1080p HD Indoor/Outdoor Video Camera for Security. Or so that he can shoo way the boys that come calling with the 2-way audio. High Tech Security for Fathers Day!

7. Gift Card Finally, if you’re not really sure what Dad wants this year, why not let him figure it out on his own? Splurge for a gift card, and let Dad go wild on Amazon!

Amazon 'a'

BONUS Gift Suggestion – If you want to splurge on the patriarch of the family, what better way to show him you love him than by finally getting him that guitar he always wanted? Not cheap, but oh man, what a gift!

I like the matte black and gold. Heavy Metal Thunder for Father’s Day!