Fox News, Family, Friends & Facebook Made My Day

Yesterday was perhaps the best work day I’ve had in my entire career.  I started the day at the office with my business partner, and founder of Drive Action Digital, Anthony Zarro.  We had just recieved our new laptops in the mail. Like two little kids on Christmas morning, we busily set up our laptops, and started to get our desks in order. After working for a few hours, we headed down to the city together to meet with one of our most exciting clients – Lifesta.  I’m going to tell you more about Lifesta soon enough, but you should know this – they are going to be huge. They’re changing the game of online couponing as we know it.  Stay tuned for more!  Finally, yesterday evening I was lucky enough to appear again on Fox TV.  I was asked to come in to chat about Facebook’s  new messaging platform. We chatted, and had a great time.  It’s funny that I had no idea we were broadcasting live.  In hindesight, it’s better that I didn’t know, I think I would have been more nervous! Once again, Mr. Ernie Anastos is a class act.  There are few true gentlemen out there. This guy really is a diamond in the rough.  I also had a chance to chat with his lovely co-anchor Dari Alexander.  She was amazing, and I must say…gorgeous (don’t worry, I already told my wife how beatiful I think Dari is) :-)   After the interview Anthony and I spent some time with producer Jason Hartelius.  I’m not sure how a producer is “supposed” to be, but this guy is the real deal. I guess I thought TV producers were supposed to be snobs.  I think we spent more time talking about his cool bandDaddyNoBux than anything else.  Good dude. Period.

Drive Action Digital is taking off, my business parter Anthony is fast becoming my mentor, and teaches me something new about business on a daily basis. My family is amazing, and we’re expecting out second little girl on December 28th!

Pause. Breathe.  Right now, Life is very, very good.

Enjoy the clip and let me know what you think?