How to Destroy All Negativity Destroying Your Life Right Now

I don't have all the answers, and I don't have any secrets to tell you. What I do have are anchors that have guided me through rough patches. I had a suspicion that they were helping me before this fever dream of a year. Now I'm sure of it.
Chris Dessi

How to Kill The Guilt of Your Unlived life

When you need help, help another. When you need compassion, be compassionate. When you need love, give it freely. When you crave connection, reach out. When you can't go on any longer, encourage someone. When you need understanding, listen. When you're angry, try to understand.

Here's How to Tell When It's Time to Quit

How to determine when you should pivot your start-up according to a Stanford University Professor

Why You Need To Find Your Tribe

Why finding like-minded supportive people in your life can become your super power
Chris Dessi

How to Be Motivated When Life is Insanely Difficult

It's been a remarkably awful year. A global pandemic, unscrupulous politicians, biased media pundits. You can be comfortable with being uncomfortable, but 2020 has been insanely difficult to motivate even the most resilient among us.
Chris Dessi

10 Daily Habits of The Most Confident People

I'm here to tell you there are proven ways to improve your self-confidence that will drive real, long lasting change in your life.
Chris Dessi Success

10 Unusual Ways to Manifest Success In Your Life

Too many think that if it doesn't feel good - you're not following your passion. Bull. If you have a vision and you know that you have to climb a mountain to get to the top, you're taking the steps to land on your passion.
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One Simple Life Hack to Help You Create Good Habits

I don't pretend to have all the answers. But lately I've been implementing a little trick that has helped me. I think it can help you too. My agency is growing. We have amazing clients. We also produce a world class conference. The conference and the clients are synergistic events on paper. In execution they are at odds. One takes from the other in time, energy and sweat equity. I needed to clone myself, or find a solution.
Chris Dessi on unemployment

The No. 1 Thing You Need to Do Right Now If You're Unemployed

I have lots of experience being out of work. It happened to me three times in a two-year span. Five times total throughout my career. I'm only 40, so that's a pretty impressive streak. Also - I split up a business partnership. I didn't read the fine print of our contract. I battled my partner for almost a year. I made almost no money.
15 Tips for Introverts Networking That Will Blow Your Mind
Three years ago I launched the first Westchester Digital Summit. Last month Forbes magazine called us one of the "Conferences That Will Keep You Ahead of Marketing Trends This Year." We've hosted over 1000 executives in that time. I'm an extrovert, and I understand the power of networking. What hurts me is to see introverts not capitalize on the opportunity of an event like the summit. So here are 15 practical tips you can use the next time you're at an event. I hope you join us at this year's summit and test them out.
Silverback at Fortina
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What a Year for Silverback Social

What a Year. A look back at 2014 for the Silverback Social team - Westchester Digital Summit, Baltimore Digital Summit, & clients like Legendary Pictures.

7 Steps to Completely Dominating Your Industry

Over the years I've boiled my path down to a handful of powerful steps to thought leadership. Here are 7 steps to becoming a leading voice in your industry.

Why This Remarkable Brand Will Dominate This Year

In 2006 Time Magazine named "You" the Person of The Year. Ten years later, "You" are the Brand of The Year. Personal brand building online for executives, employees and students will dominate 2016. It may have been cute two, three, four years ago to say, "I am a technological dummy," but it's not cute anymore. It's irresponsible.
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Transcript:Your15minutes Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Tomorrow evening I’ll be participating once again in Blog Talk Radio’s – Your15MinutesRadio show. I’ve been piecing together the transcript for my show thinking of ideas, and trying to determine exactly what I’ll be talking abut, when I though it would be helpful to post the transcript from the first show - enjoy!

The Charismatic Personal Brand: Be Discoverable

When I was about 10 years old I played on a baseball team. I was a shy kid (we all know that changed), but at the time I wasn’t confident enough in my ability. I complained to my Dad that none of the kids on the team even knew my name. I didn’t go to school with any of the kids, and felt like an outsider. I knew that I loved playing baseball, and my coach Mr. Hart was a great guy that encouraged me, and gave me more than ample opportunity to shine.
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The Charistmatic Personal Brand: Case Study Richard Branson CEO of Virgin

This is the third installment regarding the charismatic personal brand, and how elevating your personal brand can help you and your company within the social spaces.
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The Charismatic Personal Brand: Issue and Solution

Lately at Drive Action Digital we’ve have the good pleasure of speaking with individuals that are very interested in social media. They’ve mostly experience some sort of success and notoriety, whether it be in the local news, business, or even former American Idol contestants. These interactions have inevitably kicked off stimulating conversation regarding Joehow to leverage the power of social media to enhance these people’s personal brand. So this week, as I’ve done in the past, I’m going to offer a week long blog post break down of some of the issues presented, and hopefully offer some guidance regarding finding the right solution for you. This information has been proven, has value, and will ultimately save you time and money – so pay close attention: