The Charistmatic Personal Brand: Case Study Richard Branson CEO of Virgin

This is the third installment regarding the charismatic personal brand, and how elevating your personal brand can help you and your company within the social spaces.

Recently while compiling a presentation for a senior executive looking to boost his social media presence, the team at Drive Action Digital came across a great case study for a personality who is doing social the correct way.

Richard Branson is a dynamic personality and CEO of Virgin.   He leverages his personal site as the central hub of all of his social media activity. He has a strong presence on his blog, twitter account and Facebook page. Each of these social places link to eachother, and he makes it very easy to follow him, and to share the content that he provides. He is ensuring that he owns his personal brand, and allows his followers the ability to discover his content via numerous outlets. Here’s a visual of his social places:

Richard Branson

Richard makes it easy for his content to be easily shared in the social places. You’ll notice that I “liked” his content on his site, which posts out to my Facebook friends. This is an excellent execution of the Facebook Open Graph. Now when my friends see this link it functions essentially as an ad unit for Richard. This is free advertising for Richard, and will easily serve as a creative way for Richard to cultivate additional followers.  Chances are that if I’ve “liked” his content, some of my like minded friends on Facebook will like the content as well. This will snowball into a thriving community of like minded followers who are interested in Richards content. Think of the implications this will have on any personal brand. This is where social media starts to get really exciting. You don’t have to spend money on ad units, you just have to create content that you feel will resonant with your community.

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