Our Definition of Social Media Expert is Killing Social Media Experts

Our Definition of Social Media Expert is Killing Social Media Experts

Raise your hand if you’ve been asked if you’re a social media “expert” before. Keep your hand up if you’ve ever really thought about what that means.

Being considered a social media expert can mean many different things for many people. If you were to ask a 13 year old if they’re a social media expert, chances are they wouldn’t hesitate to say yes, and they’d be 100% correct.

Social Media is Dead.

The past two weeks have been unique. Last week I was in Syracuse, New York training a brilliant sales team at BlueRock Energy. The week before was spent hopping from borough to borough with the talented team at Vanguarde Consulting speaking with small business owners (save the Bronx due to a scheduling mix up).

Social Week Gives Back

Big things are happening. Next week I’m honored to host and present during Social Week’s special event called “Social Week Gives Back.” This special event will take place over the course of five days next week. It will be held in each of the five boroughs of New York City. Here’s the schedule – follow the links for registration details.

5 Steps to Super Charge Your Facebook Fan Engagement Today

I’m blessed, really I am. I’m infinitely passionate about what I do for a living. I also love helping people. Despite some isolated incidents when I’ve felt that prospective clients have taken advantage of my good nature (which I’ve blogged about here), I love to share information that will help us all engage better via social media.

The Future of Social Media is You

Last week I was honored to lecture to a group of MBA students at my Alma Mater Loyola University Maryland. I’m always thrilled when I have the chance to get back to Baltimore to help my fellow Greyhounds – but I get particular enjoyment when the people I speak with get it.