How to Destroy All Negativity Destroying Your Life Right Now

I don't have all the answers, and I don't have any secrets to tell you. What I do have are anchors that have guided me through rough patches. I had a suspicion that they were helping me before this fever dream of a year. Now I'm sure of it.
Chris Dessi

How to Kill The Guilt of Your Unlived life

When you need help, help another. When you need compassion, be compassionate. When you need love, give it freely. When you crave connection, reach out. When you can't go on any longer, encourage someone. When you need understanding, listen. When you're angry, try to understand.

Here's How to Tell When It's Time to Quit

How to determine when you should pivot your start-up according to a Stanford University Professor

Why You Need To Find Your Tribe

Why finding like-minded supportive people in your life can become your super power
Chris Dessi

How to Be Motivated When Life is Insanely Difficult

It's been a remarkably awful year. A global pandemic, unscrupulous politicians, biased media pundits. You can be comfortable with being uncomfortable, but 2020 has been insanely difficult to motivate even the most resilient among us.
Chris Dessi

10 Daily Habits of The Most Confident People

I'm here to tell you there are proven ways to improve your self-confidence that will drive real, long lasting change in your life.
Chris Dessi Success

10 Unusual Ways to Manifest Success In Your Life

Too many think that if it doesn't feel good - you're not following your passion. Bull. If you have a vision and you know that you have to climb a mountain to get to the top, you're taking the steps to land on your passion.
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One Simple Life Hack to Help You Create Good Habits

I don't pretend to have all the answers. But lately I've been implementing a little trick that has helped me. I think it can help you too. My agency is growing. We have amazing clients. We also produce a world class conference. The conference and the clients are synergistic events on paper. In execution they are at odds. One takes from the other in time, energy and sweat equity. I needed to clone myself, or find a solution.
Chris Dessi on unemployment

The No. 1 Thing You Need to Do Right Now If You're Unemployed

I have lots of experience being out of work. It happened to me three times in a two-year span. Five times total throughout my career. I'm only 40, so that's a pretty impressive streak. Also - I split up a business partnership. I didn't read the fine print of our contract. I battled my partner for almost a year. I made almost no money.
15 Tips for Introverts Networking That Will Blow Your Mind
Three years ago I launched the first Westchester Digital Summit. Last month Forbes magazine called us one of the "Conferences That Will Keep You Ahead of Marketing Trends This Year." We've hosted over 1000 executives in that time. I'm an extrovert, and I understand the power of networking. What hurts me is to see introverts not capitalize on the opportunity of an event like the summit. So here are 15 practical tips you can use the next time you're at an event. I hope you join us at this year's summit and test them out.
Silverback at Fortina
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What a Year for Silverback Social

What a Year. A look back at 2014 for the Silverback Social team - Westchester Digital Summit, Baltimore Digital Summit, & clients like Legendary Pictures.

The Good, The Bad, & The Sometimes Ugly Side of Social Media

Last night my wife and I were jolted awake by a cacophony of metal on metal. Laura shouted “what was that?” – I responded without hesitation “That was a really horrible car accident.” I threw on my clothes as quickly as I could and just as I was about the leave our bedroom she said “take your phone so you can call 911.” I ran out of our house, and onto the street. Lying upside down in the center of the street was one single car. Nobody was near the car. It was oddly still. As I ran closer it became more apparent that I was the first person to arrive at the scene. Another gentlemen met me from the opposite side of the street. He had just missed what had happened. I knelt down to see who was trapped inside – rapping on the window – and expecting the worse. I leaned in and said “hello, are you OK?” To which a woozy response came back “yeah, I’m OK.” The driver of the car was sitting right side up on the roof of his car. Dazed by the collision, but coherent. I dialed 911. As I waited there with the man stuck in his car in the middle of the street, we got to talking. I noticed a flask by his side. Not cool. I also noticed bills with his name on them. I asked him if that was in fact his name - it was. (I won’t use his name here of course). As the EMT’s showed, windows were smashed and more neighbors began to get out from their cars to see what had transpired. All of them photoed the incident. Two of them filmed the entire ordeal with their iPhones from the moment they arrived on the scene. I stepped back before they shattered the window to extract the man, but decided it would be inappropriate to photo him, the extraction, or anything else until he was removed from the scene. I did however, take this photo.

Social Media is Appropriate for Every Business …Period.

About 6 months ago my Father hesitantly asked me a favor. He’d scheduled an appointment with his friends and long-time financial advisors from Morgan Stanley Smith Barney: Richard L. Schneider and Ira Bauman. Dad is living with ALS (aka Lou Gherig’s disease), and is in a wheelchair. Requests like this have become the norm around our house. If I can’t help Mom and Dad, my brother steps in.
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5 Sure-fire Ways to Get Your Boss to Pay More Attention to Social Media

I once heard Gary Vaynerchuk answer the question “What’s the ROI of social media.” His response was partially dismissive, mostly true, and certainly brought down the house. He replied with a fervent “What’s the ROI of putting on your pants.“ Image from Maries Claire I love that response, but I also understand why your boss may cringe after hearing it. She has a budget, key performance indicators, and responsibility. She’s asking you about ROI because she wants to support you. She needs to understand the ROI so she can allocate said budget, and analyze how well you’re doing. So how can you impress upon your boss that she must invest in social media today?
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The Secret to Getting a Job in Social Media

A few months ago I was invited to visit my Alma mater Loyola University in Baltimore to lecture about how students can leverage social media to get a job. Hire Me! When I lecture I love to offer real life examples of how students can leverage the free tools at their disposal to gain employment. I included an outline of Dan Herbert - a college student who was using social media to it’s fullest. He wanted to work in social media, so he was actively engaged in social media (what a novel idea). I also spoke about how I had creatively sought a job in social by launching I love helping people engage in social media, and I love lecturing, just love it. Because I love it so much, and because everyone that knows me understands this about me – I’m lucky enough to speak with some great young people about their careers.
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3 Pieces of Good News for Not-for-Profits Engaging in Social Media

Nearly two years ago I started to work with my business partner Anthony Zarro at Drive Action Digital. Anthony had already been running the business on his own, and was successful at cultivating relationships with major brands building gorgeous web sites, managing SEM programs, assisting with SEO and generally offering a senior executives savvy and strategy in the digital space. Together we closed major deals with companies like Geico, Littlemissmatched and Lavanila. As our first year of work continued to develop we decided to hold our own social media seminar. We invited our clients and industry professionals to join. The seminar was a smashing success. As a result we were invited to speak at an event hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Both Anthony and I had never really considering working with Not-for-Porfit organizations until we were invited to speak at the event. As a result of speaking at the AFP event we have since begun working with two not for profit’s in our area - Hudson Valley Hosptial Center and Westchester Library System. Which brings me to the point of this post.
Your World is Exploding
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Your World is Exploding: How Social Media is Changing Everything-and How you Need to Change with it.

Since the publication of Your World is Exploding on Amazon, last Tuesday – I’ve been a wreck. Suffice to say that this project has been the most arduous, gut-wrenching, terrifying experience of my life. It’s also been the most exhilarating, spirit lifting, joyful tear inducing experience. My mental state is sufficiently unstable, my emotional state – off the charts. This has been hard. And worth every minute. Possibly the most rewarding endeavor of my career – So – if you have an opportunity to download the e-book, please do so. You can get it for free if you’re Kindle Prime Member. If not, than I’m following my own advice of “giving”, and I’ m giving to you – whether you want it or not – Chapter 1 – Awakening. So, sit back and enjoy your $0.53 worth of my $7.99 e-book. Please add comments, share, tweet, post on Facebook – whatever…just let people know you were here. Side note – I keep tearing up every-time I see my book listed on – I highly recommend it – Seriously - try it one day – it’s a crazy experience. You have it in you. Start now!
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Social media is a spiritual awakening, not a technological one.

I’ve been writing a book for the past five months. The book was called “Start Now” and offered detailed accounts on how to engage in social media. I gave advice on how you can find your dream job, market your product or market yourself. I wrote 14 chapters, hired an editor, and then scrapped it all two weeks ago. I started revising my book, because a simple truth dawned on me. None of the advice that I was giving would work if the reader didn’t understand that social media is a digital extension of human beings. That the explosion of social media is a spiritual awakening, not a technological one.
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Marist College Has Changed My Life Forever

On March 9th my life was changed forever. I was invited to speak at Marist College to discuss how social media can help students gain employment.

More Social Media for Beginners: 4 Tips on Blogging

After a phenomenal response from last week series regarding social media for beginners, I thought I’d take the next step to help usher you along to success in social media. Today, I’d like to touch base on next steps for blogging.
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Social Media for Beginners: What to Blog About?

After receiving such amazing feedback regarding last weeks five part series for beginners in social media, I felt that I would continue to build on the manner in which business owners can find topics to blog about.