Big things are happening.  Next week I’m honored to host and present during Social Week’s special event called “Social Week Gives Back.” This special event will take place over the course of five days next week.  It will be held in each of the five boroughs of New York City. Here’s the schedule – follow the links for registration details.

Social Week Gives Back

Monday in Queens

Tuesday in Manhattan

Wednesday in Staten Island 

Thursday in the Bronx

Friday in Brooklyn 

Details about the event:

The City of New York, The Tomorrow Project, Silverback Social and Vanguarde Consulting Group proudly welcome small business owners to a series of 5 half-day seminars focused on educating small businesses on the fundamentals of social marketing success. These hands-on seminars will to give small businesses the tools to get up and running effectively in social marketing and to promote the value of social marketing for small businesses as a whole.

What upcoming trends you need to focus on for 2013:

  • 6 ways to engage your communities & outperform larger competitors
  • Creating top-performing social media strategies on a budget
  • Engaging your audience with stories that stick
  • The Totality of Social: An Overview of The Tools that Matter
  • The loyalty card is dead – or is it? Loyalty Building in the Social Era

About Social Week

Social Week raises awareness of NY as the rising center of Social and provides an outstanding platform for social technology leaders, big brands and major NY-based companies to hold events for their teams, prospects, partners and customers. But we want to do more than that to support NYC. Specifically, Tomorrow Project, producers of Social Week wants to have an element of Social Week that supports directly small businesses in the NY area as they struggle to cope with the massive change wrought by social.

The City of New YorkThe Tomorrow ProjectSilverback Social and Vanguarde Consulting Group have planned a series of 5 early evening seminars, one in each NY borough, during Social Week, focused on educating small businesses on the fundamentals of social marketing success. These seminars will be hosted by Christopher Dessi, CEO of Silverback Social, a NY-area social marketing agency, and a noted TV and radio commentator on Social in the NY market, and taught by D. Bernard Webster and Roger Maloney of Vanguarde Consulting Group, noted Social media and marketing strategy trainers for NY/NJ small businesses. We expect each of these seminars to have 150-200 attendees. NY City will be an active partner in developing and promoting these seminars, through both the NYC Economic Development Corp. and  NYC Small Business Services. The purpose of these hands-on seminars will to give small businesses  the tools to get up and running effectively in Social marketing and to promote the value of social marketing for small businesses as a whole.

Featured Speakers

Chris Dessi

Chris Dessi is the CEO of Silverback Social. He is also an award winning digital thinker, television & radio commentator, author, blogger, and public speaker. Throughout his career in New York and London Chris has worked with Fortune 500 businesses and start-ups alike. Dessi is a regular social media expert contributor on Fox Evening News, Good Day New York, and FOX BUSINESS Varney & Co. His first book “Your World is Exploding: How Social Media is changing Everything and How You Need to Change With It”, shot to #1 on’s hot release in it’s first two weeks of publication.

D. Bernard Webster

D. Bernard Webster is the CEO of Vanguarde Consulting Group and noted business development expert specializing in strategic planning, market research, digital strategies for small business. Webster’s proven strategic methods assist firms to increase operations efficiency, cash flows, and positioning for potential exit. Today, Webster is a highly sought after public speaker and business coach who has provided technical assistance and training to more than 5000 aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners across New York and Northern New Jersey since 2009.

Roger Maloney

Roger Maloney is the Senior VP at Vanguarde Consulting Group and contributing reporter for whose professional expertise includes Production, Research and Analysis for media giants ranging from Katz Media Group, HBO, FOX, BET and MTV Networks respectively. In his former role of Network Programming Coordinator (for broadcast distribution) specifically,  Maloney was responsible for monitoring and tracking the constant shifts in fragmented audience tastes in order to draw the most viewers during high value day-parts as possible.