We’re human, every single one of us. We feel happy, and sometimes we feel smart. Other times we feel stupid. We enjoy feeling loved. We cringe when we feel hated. We all get angry for sure. Some handle it better than others. Sometimes in my life I’ve been quick to anger.

Throughout my entire career I’ve been told that I should never get angry. I’ve been advised that it’s a negative emotion that shouldn’t enter the workplace. However, when I look back at my biggest wins, my most impressive accomplishments have all started with the same common denominator.

I got angry.

I didn’t let it control me. I felt it. I tried to identify what it was that had pushed my buttons, and I went about solving that conflicting emotion. I find that getting angry (in a controlled sense) has helped me. I think it can help you too.

I don’t mean for you to get aggressive. If you get too hot you lose focus. Think of Sonny Corleone in the Godfather. Peak performance for me is controlled anger or determination. The proverbial chip on your shoulder. Look at that chip. Understand why it’s there. What is it that has you so irked? Spend time on that feeling. Let it fuel you. Feel it in your bones.

  • Were you fired? Get angry.
  • Were you passed over for a promotion? Get angry.
  • Did someone steal your idea? Get angry.
  • Do you feel like you’re not in the right industry? Get angry.
  • Not making enough money? Get angry.

Now that you’re angry, focus yourself on removing what has made you angry. If you’re angry about getting fired, refocus on your job search with a fervor you’ve never brought to a job search before. Use the anger to fuel your energy level. Be more prepared than anyone so they can’t pass over you next time for that promotion.

There have been studies where angry college students did better on exams. Military Officers are taught to create anger architecture to harness the energy they create when angered. Getting angry in a controlled and focused way is used in business negotiations to intimidate. Angry negotiators are more optimistic about said negotiation and more often get what they want. Anger is about removing obstacles in your way.

When anger transforms into fear and anxiety you shut down.

The key is shifting to a forward leaning anger-based posture in your life and business, which allows you to act and take informed risks. Desire is no longer restrained. It’s misleading to think that anger will cloud your judgment. Anger narrows your focus. Anger can lead to meaningful action and result in conflict resolution.

Dig deep, discover what’s holding you back – get angry and go about changing it.

I’m not encouraging you to get into a fistfight or bully someone. I want you to find the fire in your belly, so you may execute goal directed behavior. Use the anger to push yourself harder.

Use your anger to get out of bed earlier, and work the extra 1/2-hour a day. Or use it to contact that last lead. To follow up, refocus and improve yourself. To push, grow, evolve, and inspire.


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