3 Pieces of Good News for Not-for-Profits Engaging in Social Media

Nearly two years ago I started to work with my business partner Anthony Zarro at Drive Action Digital. Anthony had already been running the business on his own, and was successful at cultivating relationships with major  brands building gorgeous web sites, managing SEM programs, assisting with SEO and generally offering a senior executives savvy and strategy in the digital space. Together we closed major deals with companies like Geico, Littlemissmatched and Lavanila.  As our first year of work continued to develop we decided to hold our own social media seminar.  We invited our clients and industry professionals to join.  The seminar was a smashing success. As a result we were invited to speak at an event hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.  Both Anthony and I had never really considering working with Not-for-Porfit organizations until we were invited to speak at the event. As a result of speaking at the AFP event we have since begun working with two not for profit’s in our area – Hudson Valley Hosptial Center and Westchester Library System. Which brings me to the point of this post. Westchester Library System

Not for profit organizations are a social media marketers dream.  

I’ve written posts here before articulating my manifesto that social media is a spiritual awakening.  The non-profit organizations that we’re working with are positioned to reap the benefits of the spirit of social media in a few ways.

People: They are staffed with people who do what they do for the love of the movement.  While this seems like an obvious observation – it is the single most powerful difference that sets our not for profit friends apart from our for profit clients.  The people that Anthony and I have met via AFP have not only inspired us, they are changing the manner in which we conduct our business.  They’re forcing us to take an even deeper look into the content we generate on their behalf so that we ensure the integrity of the cause.  This is exciting and inspiring all at once.

Soul: Of course I’m not suggesting that for profit businesses are souless money makers, but I am suggesting that not for profit organizations tend to have their finger on the pulse of why they exist.  They have a deeper understanding of what moves someone to pay attention to their cause, and as a result social media is second nature.  Again, this touches upon the spirit of social media.  Not for profit professionals have been tugging at heart strings for years.  This is natural for them.  The progression into social is so natural and seamless – it’s really something to behold.

Passion: Drive Action Digital makes it a practice that when we “on-board” our new clients we provide them with an extensive “brand in-take document.” This allows us the opportunity to get a deeper glimpse into the soul of the organization so that when we engage in the social ecosystem on their behalf we have a great understanding of the zeitgeist of the organization.  Why are they on this planet? What cause do they serve? What is their mission?  With my limited experience with our two not for profits I have been utterly floored by the detail of the brand in take documents. You can feel the passion dripping off the page.  These companies were built for social media.

So there you have it – some good news for Not-for-Profit organizations in social media. You were built for this.  So get out there, and change the world!