2 Powerful Tools That Will Make You a Better Writer Immediately

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2 Powerful Tools That Will Make You a Better Writer Immediately

Yesterday James Altucher wrote a great post, titled “The One Score That Can Improve Your Writing with a Single Click”

In the post James notes one important fact.

The F-K Score of your writing sometimes dictates it’s success. He notes:

“The Flesch-Kincaid Score was calculated to determine at what grade level you are writing for. If your score is 10, you are writing for a 10th grade level. If your score is 12 you are writing at a 12th grade level. And so on.”

James also notes that great works of literature, score low on the F-K Score. “Heart of Darkness” scored 6th grade reading level. Hemingway’s “Old Man and the Sea” scored a 4th grade reading level.


Jame’s point: If you want to be a success, you have to communicate well.

I agree. But his post is missing something. Simple writing is hard.

So what can you do, right now to get better at it?

Here are two powerful tools that have helped me:

1. Use Hemingway APP to simplify your writing

The APP is simple. And genius.

If I write a horrible sentence, the APP highlights it.

If I use too many adverbs, it helps me aim for fewer.

If a sentence is hard to read, it tells me.

The most powerful feature for me? The APP tracks words in the passive voice, and suggests revisions.

The Hemingway APP has improved my writing. It will help yours too.

2. Use CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.

It uses an algorithm to score your headlines. You’ll get more readers.

My original title for this post was:

  • “2 Simple Tips to Improve Your Writing”

Scored: 66. Good.

I revised to:

  • “2 Simple Tips to Make You a Great Writer Immediately”

Score 76. Better!

Final revision:

  • “2 Powerful Tools That Will Make You a Better Writer Immediately”

Score: 88. BEST!

Now you’re reading my post.

Happy writing.


What tools do you use to improve your writing? Do you think I’m cheating because I use APP’s to help me? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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