Somehow I get the feeling there will be lot’s of “coffee” gifts.  So bear with me.

Yesterday I followed my normal routine of putting my oldest daughter Talia on the bus, and then heading to get my coffee before I start my drive into work.  I noticed something different about the morning, and I remembered why I loved doing the 64 day challenge so much. When you start your day looking for someone to give a gift to, your whole lense on the world changes.  You start to seek the good in the world. You see light and block out dark. It’s a profound shift that I missed since the last time I’d done something likes this.

Let me explain: as I pulled into Dunkin Donuts I looked across the street at the gas station. In the parking lot was a huge truck filling the tanks of the station. Just next to the truck stood a big burly truck driver, arms crossed, Chicago Cubs hat on looking utterly unimpressed with the world around him. I got out of my car thinking nothing of it when it dawned on me what my gift would be. I bought my normal large coffee, with milk, and I added a small coffee with milk and sugar. I mean, who doesn’t love a nice cup of coffee?  I walked out of the Dunkin Donuts, and I walked directly to the man. As I approached him it dawned on me that he may think I’m out of my mind, so I debated telling him why I was giving him a cup of coffee.

He looked up at me and I said.

Hey man, you look bored out of your f-ing mind, I thought you needed a cup of coffee

He looked at me, stunned. Blank look on his face. Heart beat… I broke the silence with

…seriously, here you go, and I handed it to him.

He smiled, looked down at the coffee and replied


I quickly turned and began walking away.

It then dawned on me that he may throw out the coffee thinking I urinated in it or something (I don’t know why my brain works this way), but I saw that he had placed it on the bumper of his truck, and was opening it and taking a sip. He placed it back down.


As I pulled out I looked over and gave him the peace sign.

Fun way to start the day!

To learn more about why I’m giving a gift every day for 69 days, please read this If you have any ideas where I can give, what I can give, or how I can go about giving please either email me at, comment  below or find me on Twitter @chrisdessi

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