I’m lucky in my work that I get to meet many amazing people. One of those people was an intern for us at Silverback Social named Chris Maloney. Chris is an MBA Candidate at Fordham & Marine Corps Officer. He’s a  U.S. Marine, Pilot VMGR-452 “Yankees.” According to his Linkedin profile Chris,

“transitioned from full-time active duty in 2013, joining Marine Aerial Refueler Squadron 452 as a reserve officer. Currently fly the KC-130T “Hercules” aircraft and support missions around the world.”

He’s a true American hero, so when he asked me to visit Stewart Air National Guard Base to speak about social media, I jumped at the chance.  Chris was generous enough to allow my family to join me as well. This was an important one for me as a Father. To have my girls there seeing their Daddy on stage giving back, and to see these honorable men and women in service to our country.  Well, it’s a day I’ll never forget.  Chris gave the girls a tour of the base. I’m sure it’s an experience the girls will never forget.  As is usual in these cases I always get more in return then I gave.  I’m proud to be an American, and so proud to have given this gift of knowledge to those who attended. What great people.  God bless America!

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